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Criminal trespass

Criminal trespass

Sections 441 to 462 of the IPC deal with the offence of criminal trespass and its aggravated forms. Trespass is generally a civil wrong...

Offences by minor

Section 82 and 83 of the IPC confer immunity from criminal liability on child offenders. This immunity is based on the principle of juvenile...
due process of law

Procedure established by law and due process of law

The Vth Amendment of the US Constitution lays down inter alia that "no person shall be deprived of his life, liberty or property, without...
Abolition of titles

Abolition of titles

Article 18 of the Indian Constitution i.e- "Abolition of titles"  prohibits the State to confer titles on anybody whether a citizen or a non...
Judicial Activism

Judicial Activism

Judicial activism refers to judicial rulings suspected of being based on personal or political considerations rather than on existing law. It is sometimes used...
Preventive detention

Preventive detention

Clauses (4) to (7) of Article 22 provide the procedure which has to be followed if a person is arrested under the law of...
Article 370

Article 370

Our Indian Constitution is a remarkable and an outstanding Constitution with several distinguishing features. Indian Constitution stretches its hands all over India to protect...


Writs under Constitution of India Article 32 or the Fundamental right to Constitutional Remedies form the backbone of the rights given to the Indian citizens....



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