Advice for cracking competitive examinations

Advice for cracking competitive examinations

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The first step to test oneself in Competitive examinations is preliminary stage. The exam paper will be segregated into sections and each section carries equivalent marks.

This preliminary examination does not require an in-depth study of each content, hence, it is suggested that students should concentrate on reading basic books. Along with this, every competitive exams wants candidates to be loaded with facts regarding the past and present events. It is suggested that the candidates should never forget to make notes on each and every contents. One should collect the materials from two to three books. Reading good books would be an additional advantage.

*NOTE: most of the competitive examinations consists of negative marking, the candidates are advised to only answer the questions which they are fully assured of. Speed and accuracy is another crucial point to keep in mind while attempting exam. 


Guidelines for attempting the paper:

Firstly, the candidates focus must be on easy questions and should leave the difficult questions.

Also, the candidates should make only smart work not the random guesses

Now the focus must be on revision and not on covering new topics

Practice as many test papers as possible

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  • August 3, 2017 at 11:33 pm

    please tell us the books and couching centres by which we can crack the law entrace exam.


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