College Review: Chanakya National Law University, Patna

Chanakya National Law University

Written anonymously by a student of Chanakya National Law University, Patna

Which semester are you in
7th Semester

Faculty and Academics of Chanakya National Law University
The faculty includes experienced professors from backgrounds including both legal and non-legal fields. A number of retired Judges of the Supreme Court, High Courts and lower Judiciary as well as Senior Advocates & Educationalist have offered to assist the Chanakya National Law University in its teaching and research programmes making education at Chanakya National Law University a rare and exciting experience to the student body.

The LL.B. course in Chanakya National Law University is very different in the way law it is taught in various National Law Universities and other law schools. One very different and striking component of this course is internships or field works.

During the internship period students get involved with NGOs, law firms and courts as well, where they work on a particular issue for a month in every semester. They have faculty and seniors under whom they work in order to guide them.

Student Culture and Activities at Chanakya National Law University
There are all kinds of extra-curricular activities and guest lectures by eminent personalities in the campus. Chanakya National Law University Parliamentary Debate is one of the most rated debate competitions among various colleges and universities. There are cultural as well as sports events at regular intervals. There are active student groups discussing various social/contemporary issues and debating on the same.

Chanakya National Law University also has a group of active Students’ Representatives which gets elected every year who organizes various events and other activities in the campus.

Every year Sports fest is organized in which various colleges participates in various sports like Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Carom, etc. The campus also has well equipped gymnasium for both girls and boys.

Chanakya National Law University, Patna is located in Nyaya Nagar, Mithapur, adjacent to National Institute of Faison Technology. It is centrally located and near to both Mithapur Bus depot and Patna Railway Station. The communication to other parts of the city is very easy and convenient.

Chanakya National Law University has its own Placement Cell, which is responsible to communicate to the firms and other institutions for placements. Most of the recruiters or organizations coming for placements are from social and development sector as well as financial sector. Students can either opt for these development sector jobs or jobs in the socio-legal sectors or financial sectors based on the kind of organization visiting the campus.

Administration and Fees
The overall cost of the five-year LL.B. programme is around 10-12 lakh including accommodation. Accommodation is not an issue as there is hostel with ample rooms for both girls and boys. Residences are well equipped with basic necessities and Wi-Fi service. Hostels are separate and proper administration is available for taking care of the students. The administration is friendly and hard working as well. All the important dates and schedules are provided before the starting of the particular semester through academic calendar.

Tell us about the infrastructure of your college
The university is spread in an area of 18 acres of land at Nyaya Nagar, Patna. Chanakya National Law University provides a wide range of facilities on its campus. All the students are provided with well managed residential accommodation with various modern facilities within the university campus. Mess & Canteen facilities provided on campus serves everything from a simple coffee to a full meal.

University also provides a full range of medical services for students. Counselling Service is also made available to the students with an aim to enable students to achieve their academic and personal goals by providing confidential counselling and support for any difficulties encountered while at Chanakya National Law University and after it. University provides a wide range of IT services including campus internet access via a wireless network and in student residences.

Other things
One should opt for Chanakya National Law University, if he/she is interested in focusing on both theoretical and practical aspects of law and to experience real life situations. Chanakya National Law University provides an opportunity to work with the marginalized and vulnerable sections through Chanakya National Law University’s NSS CELL or on the issues that involve in taking the road less travelled.

Studying at Chanakya National Law University will make you a practical person which is much needed before you start working with NGO’s, Firms or Courts where your words, your actions, your reaction and your behaviour play a very eminent role.

Best things about your law school
If you are interested in the theoretical as well as practical based approach, then this is the best law school for you.

During field work, which is mostly done through internships, a student is exposed to the ground realities of the law or the way our laws are actually being implemented.

Worst things about your law school
Chanakya National Law University has a proper academic routine that is followed on daily basis but an ample amount of timeavailable to the students is mostly passed unused.

All those heavy law books and bare acts that you mark and memorize with your pencils or markers will not help you much or not give you hundred percent success because of the field based approach which is followed in this course.

One has to be practical to be more precise during work. Be prepared with basic societal skills and be enough sensitized otherwise it will be very difficult for you.

Note: I am presently studying in Chanakya National Law Universityas a student of 4th Year. This is the experience that I have gathered about the course as well as about my university.