College Review: Lovely Professional University; School of Law

Lovely professional University

Full name of the reviewer
Jaya Harsha Vardini

Full name of the law school
School Of Law, Lovely Professional University, Punjab.

Which semester are you in
7th Semester, BBA-LLB (Hons.)

After being protected in the comfortable cocoon of schooling, we are let out into the arena called college where we take our first steps as adults. College is the place where we truly find who we really are and what potentials we hold. It is therefore necessary that we enter into the right college which would give us the opportunities to grow and develop.  I am lucky enough to have found the right place and herein I have shared the review of my college i.e School of Law, Lovely Professional University, Punjab.

It is necessary for the college to have adequate facilities and ambience. In this aspect Lovely Professional University offers more than what is expected.

The Campus
The campus of Lovely Professional University is humongous sprawling over 600 acres! (Yes it’s true). The campus in itself is a mini city. There are 58 blocks (every course has its own block) which includes a hospital ( Uni Hospital)  and a mall (Uni center). Apart from this there are hundreds of food Kiosks around the campus (food of every state and very nation is available in the campus). The campus has beautifully maintained lawns and trees. Every block has got its own library and apart from that there is the Central Library, which operates until mid night every day throughout the year.

The Hostels
There are 6 hostels for the girls and 7 hostels for the boys in total, which is then divided in various sub blocks. The 1,2,3, and 4 member sharing rooms are available with the option of AC and Cooler facilities. Apart from it there are Apartment facilities for the students as well as the faculties. Every hostel has got its own mess which offers both south Indian and north Indian food options.   

Courses Offered by School of Law, Lovely Professional University
The School of Law basically offers the integrated courses, the 3 year LLB program, and LLM.

The integrated courses are for 5 years and comes with the option of

  1. BA-LLB( Hons.)
  2. BBA-LLB(Hons.)
  3. Com-LLB(Hons.)

The simple LLB course if for 3 years and the LLM of for a year.

Student Culture and Activities
The student community at Lovely Professional University is very diverse. Students from all over the world study here. Many foreign students visit the campus for exchange programs.  Therefore the experience is tremendous.

Clubs in school of law
The School of Law has various clubs which include

Moot Court Society
Its function is to basically train and send the students for various moot court competitions. The students are free to form their own teams, and an internal screening is done among the teams interested in a particular moot competition, to choose the final team to represent the team. The committee has a President, Vice President, and 2 Student Coordinators. Apart from the Committee conducts various inter school moots often.

Cultural Committee
The Committee handles all the extracurricular activities of the students which includes dance, singing and literary sub divisions each of which is headed by a president.

Criminology Club
The club mainly deals with the criminal law and its derivatives. Students who are interested in pursuing Criminology are the part of this club. They host events like crime scene investigation and psychology workshops.

Taxation Club
The club conducts various events with relation to taxation and is headed by the President, Vice President and the Student Coordinator.

Placement Cell
This committee deals with the internships of the students. It vets the Resume of every student and guides them while applying for various internships which also include the sending of recommendation letters and follow ups.

It is the Division of Student Affairs, which handles all the matters related to the co-curricular and extra- curricular activities of the students.  The block is always buzzing with activity from students practicing for ramp to playing badminton. It provides a platform for the students from various departments of the University to coordinate and conduct events and participate in various national level competitions.

One world and One India
The two major events which happen every year is the One-world and One- India. The students from each department are given to choose a country or the state they want to represent. The stalls are made for every state and every nation which depicts the culture and the history of the particular place. The best part is the food stalls where the authentic dishes of ever state and nation is served. The parade is also conducted wherein the students represent the dance forms of their state and nation.

Youth Vibe
Every year the University hosts a national level inter university fest known as the Youth Vibe. It is a mega event where the students from all over the country participate in various competitions. The major attraction is the DJ night, wherein the popular singers and DJs host the night making it nothing less than spectacular.


School of Professional Enhancement
The Lovely Professional University trains every student individually and prepares them for the placement interviews through the school of Professional Enhancement. Here the students are guided with regard to the soft skills and other aspects required to present themselves at an interview. It conducts various workshops for the same.

Training and Placement Cell
The Placement cell handles the on campus and off campus placements of the students. The placement ration in the University is very high. Since the School of Law has just been started the placements have not yet begun. The first batch passes out in 2019.

Administration and fees
The tuition fee is Rs. 70,000 per semester as of 2017 intake. However the University provides various scholarships based on the academic merits of the student. The students can also appear for an exam conducted by the University to qualify for the scholarships known as the Lovely Professional University-NEST. Apart from the tuition fee the students have to pay the residential and food fees according to their room and mess preferences.

Best thing about your law school
Two best things about the law school is the Faculty and the placement cell.

The faculty are very approachable and the interactions with the higher authorities are not very procedural. They are always ready to trend to our requests. Moreover since the student teacher ratio is maintained at a minimum level, every student gets the individual attention and support.

The placement cell works at its best at securing good internships for the students. So far the students have secured internships at renowned firms and practitioners in the Country. 

Worst thing about your law school
The worst thing about the school of law is that since it has just started the students face the problem of lack of guidance from the Alumni.