Internship Experience @ Bihar State Legal Services Authority: Met Lawyers, Academicians & Directors of NGO

Bihar State Legal Services Authority

Intern Details

Shail Kumari, Chanakya National Law University, Patna

Name of the Organization

Bihar State Legal Services Authority

Application Process

There is a proper website available of the organization on internet where one can easily find the contact details. BSLSA for both winter and summer internships issues details regarding its internships.

Location: Patna, Bihar.

How to apply: One has to send CV to the email address mentioned on the website of BSLSA within the specified period.

About the organization:

Bihar State Legal Services Authority (BSLSA) provides legal aid services as it is a state legal services authority.

Work Profile: Interns are not assigned any such work to complete; they are given a project which they have to submit within the internship period.

Duration of Internship: 21 days

First day of the organization: It was quite interesting. The head and other members of the organization informed us what they would be doing in those 21 days. They were quite cooperative and supportive.

Work Environment: We were assigned a project title each and we had to submit that within the internship period. The members were always ready to help us with any doubt we face towards the completion of the research work.

Stipend: No stipend.

Best part of the Internship: They daily used to call learned academicians, lawyers or directors of different NGOs who gave a lot of information about their respective fields.

Accommodation: One has to arrange one’s own accommodation.

Any message to Law Students: The organization is suitable for internship for the 1st year students mainly.