Internship Experience: Chambers of Mr. Ratan K. Singh, Advocate & Arbitrator, Director of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators India

Chambers of Mr. Ratan K. Singh

Intern Details
Chiranjeeb Prateek Mohanty, National Law University Odisha (NLUO)

Name of the Organization
Chambers of Mr. Ratan K. Singh, Advocate & Arbitrator, Director of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators India

Application Process
The application process is fairly simple. One just needs to send their updated CV along with a well-drafter cover letter explaining the statement of purpose as to why you wish to work with them. The said things can be sent to They are quite prompt regarding responding to internship application, so one can expect a reply within a week or two.

Duration and Timings
Office & Chambers of Mr. Ratan K. Singh sir accommodates interns who are willing to intern with them for a minimum of 4 weeks. I interned with them for 34 days starting from November 18, 2017. They are pretty flexible with the dates of internship. Like, for example, I had applied for the internship to be starting from November 25 and my application was accepted. It was later conveyed to us that our end-semester exams have been pre-poned by a week and so I requested them to allow me to begin my internship from November 18th itself and the office accepted the same.

Regarding timings also the office is pretty flexible. Interns are expected to be in the office by 10:30am at max. Coming to the office after that would entitle an intern to. Mostly interns leave by 6:30pm but there had been times when the office had a lot of work and I left the office at 8:30pm-9pm and also some days there did not used to be a lot of work when I left office an hour earlier.

First-day impression, Infrastructure and formalities
The office is basically Ratan sir’s home-cum-office situated in Greater Kailash-1, New Delhi hardly 7-minute walk from the Kailash Colony metro station which is the nearest metro from the office. The ground floor has the Reception area, a spacious conference room, a comfortable interns’ chamber, a nice little kitchen and a small dining room where all the employees and interns sit down to eat during the lunch hour. On the first floor, there is another Reception desk, a small meeting room, the associates’ chamber, the well-stocked library and ofcourse, Ratan Sir’s beautiful chamber. The second floor is Ratan sir’s home.

On the first day interns are asked to fill up the Internship form and hand over two passport size photographs. Based on this information the certificates are made for the interns. On the first day I was asked to research on the Voluntary winding up of companies under the Companies Act and also the Lockout provisions based on which I had to prepare a report and submit it that day itself by evening before leaving the office. Internship certificate gets issued only after submission of all assignments throughout the internship.

Best things
Arguably the best thing about this internship is its working environment. The office has a plush room where interns sit and there are provisions to accommodate around 10 interns with separate cubicle and a desktop to work on for every intern. They also permit interns to take their own laptops to work on

Ratan sir and the associates are very friendly towards the interns which help the interns in understanding the works that are assigned to them and what exactly the work demands for. Occasional lectures by Ratan sir himself was another beautiful thing about this internship. The interns also get to see actual arbitration proceedings which are completely different from court proceedings. An enriching experience for sure.

Also, the office has a well-stocked library with good collection of books from multiple fields of law. The office also has subscriptions for online legal Databases such as Manupatra and SCC online which help and facilitate the research work by interns and associates alike.

Main Tasks
Main tasks involved research work and occasional drafting works too. At times, interns were also given certain clerical works such as getting certain documents typed.

Work environment and people
People are friendly and approachable, and the overall environment is very professional and introduces an intern as to how exactly is the corporate lifestyle.

Bad things
The office is situated in a sophisticated neighborhood in Greater Kailash-1 which is why one might not find a great deal of options when it comes to economical food choices during lunch. Also, the internet at times goes down all of a sudden and you have to wait for quite some time for it to come back up.

Overall it was a very good learning experience with having an opportunity to witness actual arbitration proceedings and gaining knowledge about all the know-how about things in the field of arbitration. This Internship will indeed be an enriching experience for anyone interested in arbitration or willing to know how arbitration works in the Indian Legal System.

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Chiranjeeb Prateek Mohanty
I am Chiranjeeb Prateek Mohanty from National Law University Odisha pursing BA.LLB. (Hons.). The sphere of Criminal Law, Intellectual Property law and Media Law attract me the most. If at all I get any free time, I like reading books mostly of the Fiction genre, more specifically, the Crime-fiction. Apart from that I like watching shows and movies, again, mostly crime-thrillers. I am an enthusiastic debater who loves taking part in any debates, moots or conferences that have a theme of any contemporary legal or socio-political issues. I am a good listener and the kind of person one would want in a team because I believe in team-work. I like being the leader and working with the team while keeping in mind the various responsibilities that a leader has to undertake and deliver. I also like hitting the gym and working out.