Internship Experience @ Coal India Limited, Kolkata: Get to draft legal opinion & Case briefing

Coal India Limited

Intern Details

Ankita Jha, National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam.

Name of the Organization

Coal India Limited

Application Process

I had applied to Coal India Limited though an e-mail. Then followed up with a couple of calls. I had contacts in Coal India limited, so, it was easy getting in.

Duration and Timings

I had interned for a period of 3 weeks from 11thDecember, 2017 to 29th December, 2017.

You have to reach office at

10:30 AM and leave at 6:00 PM.

First-day impression, Infrastructure and formalities

The organization is situated in the Newtown Area of Kolkata. It has a huge building and very posh office. The entire building is called Coal Bhawan. I reached the office at 9:45 on the first day and reported to the HR Department. They forwarded me to the Legal Department and I was assigned work from the first day itself.

Best things about Coal India Limited

Atmosphere – the Legal Department of Coal India Limited has a very small, close – knit group of 7 people. 3 of the Management Trainees joined on the day of my joining, so we were trained together. The people in Coal India Limited don’t treat their interns as interns. They are treated as the employees. Tasks such as preparing case briefings, file note – sheets, and legal opinions are assigned to the interns the same way it is assigned to Management Trainees.

Mentor – Mentor assigned to me was a friendly, young and knowledgeable person. He made sure we had fun during our internship and also that we learnt something new every day.

Main Tasks

Main tasks involved researching for the drafting of Legal Opinions on the cases of Subsidiaries and Coal India Limited; communicating to the counsellors; preparing case briefings.

Work environment and people

Very friendly and homely people.

Bad things

The location of the office is a bit difficult to reach by public transport. The canteen served only basic food, so, I carried my own lunch.

Conclusion of Coal India Limited :

Overall it was very good experience but there were somethings which I would have been able to understand better post 2nd year, after studying Company and Labour Laws. But still, I will recommend that it was a very good internship.


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