Internship Experience@ Justice Vijay Lakshmi at Allahabad High Court: Get to understand Judicial mind

Justice Vijay Lakshmi

Intern Details

Shailaja Mishra, Chanakya National Law University

Name of the Organization

Interned under Justice Vijay Lakshmi, Allahabad High Court.

Justice Vijay Lakshmi
Justice Vijay Lakshmi, Allahabad H.C


Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh.

How to Apply

Write to her..If her jurisdiction permits, she will help you learn.

Work Profile: Was made to witness proceedings, work on various cases.

Duration of Internship: One Month

Work Environment: Supportive and Healthy

Stipend: No

Best Part of the Internship: Got to see the cases from the side of justice as well as lawyers.

Accommodation: No.

Biggest Lesson: If there is anything bothering a great mass of people, strict action should be taken as penalty so it reduces the occurrence of further problems and saves generations from ill effects.(my view based on the weed effecting generations, judgement based on that)

Any Message to Law Students: Law is all about the rights of every single person living around, its about  fighting for those rights and the duty of a lawyer is to make sure that nobody suffers any injustice.