Internship Experience @ National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi: Learn Everything About Human Rights

National Human Rights Commission

Intern Details

Anonymous, College of Legal Studies, UPES Dehradun

Name of the Organization

National Human Rights Commission

Application Process

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) invites internship application; one can keep checking their website for upcoming vacancies.

No interview will be conducted. You have to submit your resume and they will shortlist resume and inform you.

Duration and Timings

I had applied for full month internship but only slot available was in short term internship (14 days)

You have to reach office at 10 in morning and can leave at 4:30 – 5:00 in evening.

First-day impression, Infrastructure and formalities

Organization has a very large compound on Copernicus Marg, New Delhi. It is a multi storey office and has lot of open area. So it gives very nice feel when you enter the office. Pass and identity card was issued to all interns on first day and we also get to know your mentor who gave us lot of information regarding the working of the organization.

On first day I was assigned a topic of to make a project and submit that on the last day of my internship. Internship certificate get issued only after submission of assignment.

Best things

Canteen – As free food is provided to all the interns and food was also not really bad. Canteen staff was also very helpful and kind.

Mentor – Mentor assigned to my slot was very nice and gave us lectures on the law, rules & policies on which NHRC works.

Investigation Department – We had opted to work in investigation department of NHRC and got to read lot many case files in the department and also were shown movie of postmortem conducted by doctors in one case.

Library – Best thing in NHRC was library, it has a huge collection of books and library staff is also helpful with interns.

Main Tasks

Main tasks involved research work to complete project which was assigned to me on the first day of internship.

Work environment and people

People are friendly and approachable, appropriate environment for learning.

Bad things

No practical experience was gained during this internship. It was only about reading books and files and listening lectures of mentor about working of NHRC. But I heard that in previous slots of internship they were even allowed to work in complaint department and were also taken to Jail Trip.

Overall Experience

Overall it was a very learning experience and I would personally recommend anyone interested in interning specially for 1st year students.