Internship Experience: National Legal Services Authority (NALSA), New Delhi

National Legal Services Authority

Intern Details

Name of the Organization
National Legal Services Authority (NALSA)

Application Process
The process to apply in the National Legal Services Authority is not tiresome. In order to apply for an internship in the Authority one has to send an email on the Email ID: or

The email should contain a detailed CV of the applicant along with a cover letter or an application exhibiting the reason as to why the applicant wants to do internship with the renowned Authority. Apart from this the letter must also contain the time span during which the applicant wants to be the part of the Authority as an Intern. I emailed my cover letter along with my CV and recommendation letter 2 months prior from the date of internship.

One can also contact them at 01123386176. No interview for short listing the candidates will be conducted. You have to submit your resume and they will shortlist resume and inform you via mail.

Duration and Timings
The National Legal Services Authority offers internship twice a year, i.e, one during the month of June-July(Summer internship) and other during the month of December- January(Winter internship).

I interned during winter and the duration of my internship was 3 weeks, i.e. from 7th December, 2015 to 28th December, 2015.

You have to reach office at 10 in morning and can leave at 4:30 – 5:30 in evening. The office timings were really flexible and not at all strict. The office was closed on every Saturday and Sunday.

First-day impression, Infrastructure and formalities
The first day at the office was really comfortable. All interns reached the office by 10:30 in the morning in formal attire. Soon the Under Secretary came and all the interns gave their introduction to him. After the introduction session all interns were divided into a group of 2 and were entitled with their respective work for the day. The infrastructure of the office is not so good and the office is not so spacious however the interns were made to sit in the Conference hall which was spacious enough.

Best things
The best thing I encountered with during the internship was that if you are willing to learn then this is the best place to do so. You can not only learn from the office mates but also from your fellow interns. Since, I did my internship when I was in my 2nd Year therefore I learned a lot as some of my fellow interns were senior to me and taught me a lot. Going to field visits and meeting the law professionals and listening to their experiences was like a cherry on the cake as one could not think of going to such places of their own and meeting the experienced personalities.

Main Tasks
The interns were given a new work everyday and were not left idle. During the first week of internship programme the interns were divided into a group of 2 and were given petition on which they were told to make a report and then present the same in front of everyone. We used to have active discussions on various legal aid applications and petitions which was received by the Authority.

We also had field visits to places like The Parliament of India, Delhi Legal Services Authority, Juvenile Justice Board, Observation Homes, Child Welfare Committees, High Court of Delhi, Supreme Court of India, Delhi Districts Courts, Society for Promotion for Youth and Masses and Tihar Jail. We also had an opportunity to watch the Lok Adalat, Mediation proceedings, Permanent Lok Adalat, and the actual process of legal aid given to the seekers of legal aid.

Work environment and people
The work environment at National Legal Services Authority was really very comfortable. Everyone around was really helpful and supportive. The Undersecretary, Mr. Ravichandran is a really nice man and is very friendly with the interns. If you are an interactive and an inquisitive person then you can definitely make good contacts with the dignities around. The fellow mates were good as well and were from different universities across India. People are friendly and approachable and it is an appropriate environment for learning.

Bad things
There was nothing bad which I found during my internship period.

Learn every bit of the internship. It is a golden chance and an internship which you would always remember. Learn from the work assigned to you and at the same time enjoy it too.

Overall it was a very learning experience and I would personally recommend everyone to intern at National Legal Services Authority specially for 1stand 2ndyear students.

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