Law Dictionary – Legal Words ( W )

waif A homeless, neglected wanderer.

waistcoat A vest.

waive To relinquish, especially temporarily, as a right or claim.

wampum Beads strung on threads, formerly used among the American Indians as currency.

wxane To diminish in size and brilliancy.

wantonness Recklessness.

warlike Belligerent.

wavelet A ripple.

weak-kneed Without resolute purpose or energy.

weal Well-being.

wean To transfer (the young) from dependence on mother’s milk to another form of nourishment.

wearisome Fatiguing.

wee Very small.

well-bred Of good ancestry.

well-doer A performer of moral and social duties.

well-to-do In prosperous circumstances.

whereabouts The place in or near which a person or thing is.

whereupon After which.

wherever In or at whatever place.

wherewith The necessary means or resources.

whet To make more keen or eager.

whimsical Capricious.

whine To utter with complaining tone.

wholly Completely.

wield To use, control, or manage, as a weapon, or instrument, especially with full command.

wile An act or a means of cunning deception.

winsome Attractive.

wintry Lacking warmth of manner.

wiry Thin, but tough and sinewy.

witchcraft Sorcery.

witless Foolish, indiscreet, or silly.

witling A person who has little understanding.

witticism A witty, brilliant, or original saying or sentiment.

wittingly With knowledge and by design.

wizen To become or cause to become withered or dry.

wizen-faced –  Having a shriveled face.

working-man –  One who earns his bread by manual labor.

workmanlike Like or befitting a skilled workman.

workmanship The art or skill of a workman.

wrangle To maintain by noisy argument or dispute.

wreak To inflict, as a revenge or punishment.

wrest To pull or force away by or as by violent twisting or wringing.

wretchedness Extreme misery or unhappiness.

writhe To twist the body, face, or limbs or as in pain or distress.

writing The act or art of tracing or inscribing on a surface letters or ideographs.

wry Deviating from that which is proper or right.

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