Law Dictionary – Legal Words ( I )

ichthyic –  Fish-like.

ichthyology –  The branch of zoology that treats of fishes.

ichthyosaurs –  A fossil reptile.

icily –  Frigidly.

iciness –  The state of being icy.

icon –  An image or likeness.

iconoclast –  An image-breaker.

idealize –  To make to conform to some mental or imaginary standard.

idiom –  A use of words peculiar to a particular language.

idiosyncrasy –  A mental quality or habit peculiar to an individual.

idolize –  To regard with inordinate love or admiration.

ignoble –  Low in character or purpose.

ignominious –  Shameful.

Iliad –  A Greek epic poem describing scenes from the siege of Troy.

illegal –  Not according to law.

illegible –  Undecipherable.

illegitimate –  Unlawfully begotten.

illiberal –  Stingy.

illicit –  Unlawful.

illimitable –  Boundless.

illiterate –  Having little or no book-learning.

illnatured –  Surly.

illogical –  Contrary to the rules of sound thought.

illuminant –  That which may be used to produce light.

illuminate –  To supply with light.

illumine –  To make bright or clear.

illusion –  An unreal image presented to the senses.

illusive –  Deceptive.

illusory –  Deceiving or tending to deceive, as by false appearance.

imaginable –  That can be imagined or conceived in the mind.

imaginary –  Fancied.

imbibe –  To drink or take in.

imbroglio –  A misunderstanding attended by ill feeling, perplexity, or strife.

imbrue –  To wet or moisten.

imitation –  That which is made as a likeness or copy.

imitator –  One who makes in imitation.

immaculate –  Without spot or blemish.

immaterial –  Of no essential consequence.

immature –  Not full-grown.

immeasurable –  Indefinitely extensive.

immense –  Very great in degree, extent, size, or quantity.

immerse –  To plunge or dip entirely under water or other fluid.

immersion –  The act of plunging or dipping entirely under water or another fluid.

immigrant –  A foreigner who enters a country to settle there.

immigrate –  To come into a country or region from a former habitat.

imminence –  Impending evil or danger.

imminent –  Dangerous and close at hand.

immiscible –  Separating, as oil and water.

immoral –  Habitually engaged in licentious or lewd practices.

immortalize –  To cause to last or to be known or remembered throughout a great or indefinite length of time.

immovable –  Steadfast.

immune –  Exempt, as from disease.

immutable –  Unchangeable.

impair –  To cause to become less or worse.

impalpable –  Imperceptible to the touch.

impartial –  Unbiased.

impassable –  That can not be passed through or over.

impassible –  Not moved or affected by feeling.

impassive –  Unmoved by or not exhibiting feeling.

impatience –  Unwillingness to brook delays or wait the natural course of things.

impeccable –  Blameless.

impecunious –  Having no money.

impede –  To be an obstacle or to place obstacles in the way of.

impel –  To drive or urge forward.

impend –  To be imminent.

imperative –  Obligatory.

imperceptible –  Indiscernible.

imperfectible –  That can not be perfected.

imperil –  To endanger.

imperious –  Insisting on obedience.

impermissible –  Not permissible.

impersonal –  Not relating to a particular person or thing.

impersonate –  To appear or act in the character of.

impersuadable –  Unyielding.

impertinence –  Rudeness.

imperturbable –  Calm.

impervious –  Impenetrable.

impetuosity –  Rashness.

impetuous –  Impulsive.

impetus –  Any impulse or incentive.

impiety –  Irreverence toward God.

impious –  Characterized by irreverence or irreligion.

implausible –  Not plausible.

impliable –  Capable of being inferred.

implicate –  To show or prove to be involved in or concerned

implicit –  Implied.

imply –  To signify.

impolitic –  Inexpedient.

importation –  The act or practice of bringing from one country into another.

importunate –  Urgent in character, request, or demand.

importune –  To harass with persistent demands or entreaties.

impotent –  Destitute of or lacking in power, physical, moral, or intellectual.

impoverish –  To make indigent or poor.

impracticable –  Not feasible.

impregnable –  That can not be taken by assault.

impregnate –  To make pregnant.

impromptu –  Anything done or said on the impulse of the moment.

improper –  Not appropriate, suitable, or becoming.

impropriety –  The state or quality of being unfit, unseemly, or inappropriate.

improvident –  Lacking foresight or thrift.

improvise –  To do anything extemporaneously or offhand.

imprudent –  Heedless.

impudence –  Insolent disrespect.

impugn –  To assail with arguments, insinuations, or accusations.

impulsion –  Impetus.

impulsive –  Unpremeditated.

impunity –  Freedom from punishment.

impure –  Tainted.

impute –  To attribute.

inaccessible –  Difficult of approach.

inaccurate –  Not exactly according to the facts.

inactive –  Inert.

inadequate –  Insufficient.

inadmissible –  Not to be approved, considered, or allowed, as testimony.

inadvertent –  Accidental.

inadvisable –  Unadvisable.

inane –  Silly.

inanimate –  Destitute of animal life.

inapprehensible –  Not to be understood.

inapt –  Awkward or slow.

inarticulate –  Speechless.

inaudible –  That can not be heard.

inborn –  Implanted by nature.

inbred –  Innate.

incandescence –  The state of being white or glowing with heat.

incandescent –  White or glowing with heat.

incapacitate –  To deprive of power, capacity, competency, or qualification.

incapacity –  Want of power to apprehend, understand, and manage.

incarcerate –  To imprison.

incendiary –  Chemical or person who starts a fire-literally or figuratively.

incentive –  That which moves the mind or inflames the passions.

inception –  The beginning.

inceptive –  Beginning.

incessant –  Unceasing.

inchmeal –  Piecemeal.

inchoate –  Incipient.

inchoative –  That which begins, or expresses beginning.

incidence –  Casual occurrence.

incident –  A happening in general, especially one of little importance.

incidentally –  Without intention.

incinerate –  To reduce to ashes.

incipience –  Beginning.

incipient –  Initial.

incisor –  A front or cutting tooth.

incite –  To rouse to a particular action.

incitement –  That which moves to action, or serves as an incentive or stimulus.

incoercible –  Incapable of being forced, constrained, or compelled.

incoherence –  Want of connection, or agreement, as of parts or ideas in thought, speech, etc.

incoherent –  Not logically coordinated, as to parts, elements, or details.

incombustible –  That can not be burned.

incomparable –  Matchless.

incompatible –  Discordant.

incompetence –  General lack of capacity or fitness.

incompetent –  Not having the abilities desired or necessary for any purpose.

incomplete –  Lacking some element, part, or adjunct necessary or required.

incomprehensible –  Not understandable.

incompressible –  Resisting all attempts to reduce volume by pressure.

inconceivable –  Incomprehensible.

incongruous –  Unsuitable for the time, place, or occasion.

inconsequential –  Valueless.

inconsiderable –  Small in quantity or importance.

inconsistent –  Contradictory.

inconstant –  Changeable.

incontrovertible –  Indisputable.

inconvenient –  Interfering with comfort or progress.

indefensible –  Untenable.

indefinitely –  In a vague or uncertain way.

indelible –  That can not be blotted out, effaced, destroyed, or removed.

indescribable –  That can not be described.

indestructible –  That can not be destroyed.

indicant –  That which points out.

indicator –  One who or that which points out.

indict –  To find and declare chargeable with crime.

indigence –  Poverty.

indigenous –  Native.

indigent –  Poor.

indigestible –  Not digestible, or difficult to digest.

indigestion –  Difficulty or failure in the alimentary canal in changing food into absorptive nutriment.

indignant –  Having such anger and scorn as is aroused by meanness or wickedness.

indignity –  Unmerited contemptuous conduct or treatment.

indiscernible –  Not perceptible.

indiscreet –  Lacking wise judgment.

indiscriminate –  Promiscuous.

indispensable –  Necessary or requisite for the purpose.

indistinct –  Vague.

indivertible –  That can not be turned aside.

indivisible –  Not separable into parts.

indolence –  Laziness.

indolent –  Habitually inactive or idle.

indomitable –  Unconquerable.

induct –  To bring in.

indulgence –  The yielding to inclination, passion, desire, or propensity in oneself or another.

indulgent –  Yielding to the desires or humor of oneself or those under one’s care.

inebriate –  To intoxicate.

inedible –  Not good for food.

ineffable –  Unutterable.

inefficient –  Not accomplishing an intended purpose.

inefficiency –  That which does not accomplish an intended purpose.

ineligible –  Not suitable to be selected or chosen.

inept –  Not fit or suitable.

inert –  Inanimate.

inestimable –  Above price.

inevitable –  Unavoidable.

inexcusable –  Not to be justified.

inexhaustible –  So large or furnishing so great a supply as not to be emptied, wasted, or spent.

inexorable –  Unrelenting.

inexpedient –  Unadvisable.

inexpensive –  Low-priced.

inexperience –  Lack of or deficiency in experience.

inexplicable –  Such as can not be made plain.

inexpressible –  Unutterable.

inextensible –  Of unchangeable length or area.

infallible –  Exempt from error of judgment, as in opinion or statement.

infamous –  Publicly branded or notorious, as for vice, or crime.

infamy –  Total loss or destitution of honor or reputation.

inference –  The derivation of a judgment from any given material of knowledge on the ground of law.

infernal –  Akin to or befitting hell or its occupants.

infest –  To be present in such numbers as to be a source of annoyance, trouble, or danger.

infidel –  One who denies the existence of God.

infidelity –  Disloyalty.

infinite –  Measureless.

infinity –  Boundless or immeasurable extension or duration.

infirm –  Lacking in bodily or mental strength.

infirmary –  A place for the reception or treatment of the sick.

infirmity –  A physical, mental, or moral weakness or flaw.

inflammable –  Easily set on fire or excited.

inflammation –  A morbid process in some part of the body characterized by heat, swelling, and pain.

inflexible –  That can not be altered or varied.

influence –  Ability to sway the will of another.

influential –  Having the power to sway the will of another.

influx –  Infusion.

infrequence –  Rareness.

infrequent –  Uncommon.

infringe –  To trespass upon.

infuse –  To instill, introduce, or inculcate, as principles or qualities.

infusion –  The act of imbuing, or pouring in.

ingenious –  Evincing skill, originality, or cleverness, as in contrivance or arrangement.

ingenuity –  Cleverness in contriving, combining, or originating.

ingenuous –  Candid, frank, or open in character or quality.

inglorious –  Shameful.

ingraft –  To set or implant deeply and firmly.

ingratiate –  To win confidence or good graces for oneself.

ingratitude –  Insensibility to kindness.

ingredient –  Component.

inherence –  The state of being permanently existing in something.

inherent –  Intrinsic.

inhibit –  To hold back or in.

inhospitable –  Not disposed to entertain strangers gratuitously.

inhuman –  Savage.

inhume –  To place in the earth, as a dead body.

inimical –  Adverse.

iniquity –  Gross wrong or injustice.

initiate –  To perform the first act or rite.

inject –  To introduce, as a fluid, by injection.

injunction –  Mandate.

inkling –  A hint.

inland –  Remote from the sea.

inlet –  A small body of water leading into a larger.

inmost –  Deepest within.

innocuous –  Harmless.

innovate –  To introduce or strive to introduce new things.

innuendo –  Insinuation.

innumerable –  Countless.

inoffensive –  Causing nothing displeasing or disturbing.

inopportune –  Unsuitable or inconvenient, especially as to time

inquire –  To ask information about.

inquisition –  A court or tribunal for examination and punishment of heretics.

inquisitive –  Given to questioning, especially out of curiosity.

inquisitor –  One who makes an investigation.

inroad –  Forcible encroachment or trespass.

insatiable –  That desires or craves immoderately or unappeasably.

inscribe –  To enter in a book, or on a list, roll, or document, by writing.

inscrutable –  Impenetrably mysterious or profound.

insecure –  Not assured of safety.

insensible –  Imperceptible.

insentient –  Lacking the power of feeling or perceiving.

inseparable –  That can not be separated.

insidious –  Working ill by slow and stealthy means.

insight –  Intellectual discernment.

insignificance –  Lack of import or of importance.

insignificant –  Without importance, force, or influence.

insinuate –  To imply.

insipid –  Tasteless.

insistence –  Urgency.

insistent –  Urgent.

insolence –  Pride or haughtiness exhibited in contemptuous and overbearing treatment of others.

insolent –  Impudent.

insomnia –  Sleeplessness.

inspector –  An official appointed to examine or oversee any matter of public interest or importance.

instance –  A single occurrence or happening of a given kind.

instant –  A very brief portion of time.

instantaneous –  Done without perceptible lapse of time.

instigate –  To provoke.

instigator –  One who incites to evil.

instill –  To infuse.

instructive –  Conveying knowledge.

insufficiency –  Inadequacy.

insufficient –  Inadequate for some need, purpose, or use.

insular –  Pertaining to an island.

insulate –  To place in a detached state or situation.

insuperable –  Invincible.

insuppressible –  Incapable of being concealed.

insurgence –  Uprising.

insurgent –  One who takes part in forcible opposition to the constituted authorities of a place.

insurrection –  The state of being in active resistance to authority.

intangible –  Not perceptible to the touch.

integrity –  Uprightness of character and soundness of moral principle.

intellect –  The faculty of perception or thought.

intellectual –  Characterized by intelligence.

intelligence –  Capacity to know or understand.

intelligible –  Comprehensible.

intemperance –  Immoderate action or indulgence, as of the appetites.

intension –  The act of stringing or stretching, or state of being strained.

intensive –  Adding emphasis or force.

intention –  That upon which the mind is set.

interact –  To act reciprocally.

intercede –  To mediate between persons.

intercept –  To interrupt the course of.

intercession –  Entreaty in behalf of others.

intercessor –  A mediator.

interdict –  Authoritative act of prohibition.

interim –  Time between acts or periods.

interlocutor –  One who takes part in a conversation or oral discussion.

interlude –  An action or event considered as coming between others of greater length.

intermediate –  Being in a middle place or degree or between extremes.

interminable –  Having no limit or end.

intermission –  A recess.

intermit –  To cause to cease temporarily.

intermittent –  A temporary discontinuance.

interpolation –  Verbal interference.

interpose –  To come between other things or persons.

interposition –  A coming between.

interpreter –  A person who makes intelligible the speech of a foreigner by oral translation.

interrogate –  To examine formally by questioning.

interrogative –  Having the nature or form of a question.

interrogatory –  A question or inquiry.

interrupt –  To stop while in progress.

intersect –  To cut through or into so as to divide.

intervale –  A low tract of land between hills, especially along a river.

intervene –  To interfere for some end.

intestacy –  The condition resulting from one’s dying not having made a valid will.

intestate –  Not having made a valid will.

intestine –  That part of the digestive tube below or behind the stomach, extending to the anus.

intimacy –  Close or confidential friendship.

intimidate –  To cause to become frightened.

intolerable –  Insufferable.

intolerance –  Inability or unwillingness to bear or endure.

intolerant –  Bigoted.

intoxicant –  Anything that unduly exhilarates or excites.

intoxicate –  To make drunk.

intracellular –  Occurring or situated within a cell.

intramural –  Situated within the walls of a city.

intrepid –  Fearless and bold.

intricacy –  Perplexity.

intricate –  Difficult to follow or understand.

intrigue –  A plot or scheme, usually complicated and intended to accomplish something by secret ways.

intrinsic –  Inherent.

introductory –  Preliminary.

introgression –  Entrance.

intromit –  To insert.

introspect –  To look into.

introspection –  The act of observing and analyzing one’s own thoughts and feelings.

introversion –  The act of turning or directing inward, physically or mentally.

introvert –  To turn within.

intrude –  To come in without leave or license.

intrusion –  The act of entering without warrant or invitation; encroachment.

intuition –  Instinctive knowledge or feeling.

inundate –  To fill with an overflowing abundance.

inundation –  Flood.

inure –  To harden or toughen by use, exercise, or exposure.

invalid –  Having no force, weight, or cogency.

invalid –  One who is disabled by illness or injury.

invalidate –  To render of no force or effect.

invaluable –  Exceedingly precious.

invariable –  Unchangeable.

invasion –  Encroachment, as by an act of intrusion or trespass.

invective –  An utterance intended to cast censure, or reproach.

inveigh –  To utter vehement censure or invective.

inventive –  Quick at contrivance.

inverse –  Contrary in tendency or direction.

inversion –  Change of order so that the first shall become last and the last first.

invert –  To turn inside out, upside down, or in opposite direction.

investigator –  One who investigates.

investor –  One who invests money.

inveterate –  Habitual.

invidious –  Showing or feeling envy.

invigorate –  To animate.

invincible –  Not to be conquered, subdued, or overcome.

inviolable –  Incapable of being injured or disturbed.

invoke –  To call on for assistance or protection.

involuntary –  Unwilling.

involution –  Complication.

involve –  To draw into entanglement, literally or figuratively.

invulnerable –  That can not be wounded or hurt.

inwardly –  With no outward manifestation.

iota –  A small or insignificant mark or part.

irascible –  Prone to anger.

irate –  Moved to anger.

ire –  Wrath.

iridescence –  A many-colored appearance.

iridescent –  Exhibiting changing rainbow-colors due to the interference of the light.

irk –  To afflict with pain, vexation, or fatigue.

irksome –  Wearisome.

irony –  Censure or ridicule under cover of praise or compliment.

irradiance –  Luster.

irradiate –  To render clear and intelligible.

irrational –  Not possessed of reasoning powers or understanding.

irreducible –  That can not be lessened.

irrefragable –  That can not be refuted or disproved.

irrefrangible –  That can not be broken or violated.

irrelevant –  Inapplicable.

irreligious –  Indifferent or opposed to religion.

irreparable –  That can not be rectified or made amends for.

irrepressible –  That can not be restrained or kept down.

irresistible –  That can not be successfully withstood or opposed.

irresponsible –  Careless of or unable to meet responsibilities.

irreverence –  The quality showing or expressing a deficiency of veneration, especially for sacred things.

irreverent –  Showing or expressing a deficiency of veneration, especially for sacred things.

irreverential –  Showing or expressing a deficiency of veneration, especially for sacred things.

irreversible –  Irrevocable.

irrigant –  Serving to water lands by artificial means.

irrigate –  To water, as land, by ditches or other artificial means.

irritable –  Showing impatience or ill temper on little provocation.

irritancy –  The quality of producing vexation.

irritant –  A mechanical, chemical, or pathological agent of inflammation, pain, or tension.

irritate –  To excite ill temper or impatience in.

irruption –  Sudden invasion.

isle –  An island.

islet –  A little island.

isobar –  A line joining points at which the barometric pressure is the same at a specified moment.

isochronous –  Relating to or denoting equal intervals of time.

isolate –  To separate from others of its kind.

isothermal –  Having or marking equality of temperature.

itinerant –  Wandering.

itinerary –  A detailed account or diary of a journey.

itinerate –  To wander from place to place.

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