Law School Review: Campus Law Centre, University Of Delhi

Name of the student: Pooja Pandey

Campus Law Centre located on Chhatra Marg , Delhi University’s North Campus area  is the one of the country’s oldest and most respected law center and is also known for the quality of its teaching faculty, Prof. M.P. Singh, Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon, Dr. Alka Chawal, Prof. Usha Tandon are one of the finest academician of CLC.

CLC has been awarded as the best law school in India by reputed magazines like India Today and Outlook, which undertakes 3 years LL.B. course. It also find place among top law schools in India including both 5 years and 3 years law schools.

More than 80% of sitting judges in the High Court of Delhi are alumni of this institution.

It gives opportunity to those who want to pursue law after their graduation. This is the most vital part that CLC not only to teach law but to provide for an overall development of students.

There is a question that how CLC is different from the other 5 years law schools? The answer to this question is that CLC caters to student body which is very different from that found in 5 years law schools. 5 years course is intended for students who have just left the high school and in CLC students have obtained at least one undergraduate degree prior and many students in CLC have multiple degree and work experience.

So the students of CLC have education in different field and this also help students to have meaningful dialogue and discussions in different fields.

CLC has many societies like Moot Court Society, Legal Aid Society, the Seminar and Discussion Society etc. which help students in over-all development. The Placement Assistance Council (PAC) is another student body helping the student to get placed in top NGOs, Corporate Houses and independent litigators.

Library of CLC is one of the best law libraries in India and has collection of books, journal and periodicals.

Coming to the infrastructure it is pretty basic with the facilities provided being comparable to those in the other government colleges, although the building is a bit old but the campus is quite good enough.

4 star


Name of the student: Anonymous

In this interview, he talks to Lawtimes Journal  about:

  1. Why he pursue law as a career?
  2. How it feel to be part of Campus Law Centre, Delhi University?

Question: How would you introduce yourself to our readers?

Answer: I completed my MBA from FMS Delhi University and currently studying law from Campus Law Centre, Delhi University. I come from a family of lawyers and therefore law was a natural progression.

Question: Tell us your experience in Campus Law Centre, Delhi University?

Answer: I think the environment like CLC pushes you or forces you to go outside your comfort zone because it is such a challenging environment, you having  lunch or tea table conversation to people who have excelled in their own specific fields. You have someone who is great debater, someone who love history, psychology etc. making it enriching to interact and understand things in their subtleties, what that does this when all of these people come together and have a conversation its very enriching because you get so many different perspectives and helps to build an entire new and engaging world view, this is most important as it opens your mind up and it is also a tool kit, the knowledge skill set you can use rest of your life.

Studying at CLC in itself is an eye opening experience. Teachers are really good, help us in every situation and everybody know about the teaching quality of CLC. Last year I got opportunity to work as research associate under few of my professors.

Library of CLC is one of the best law libraries in the country and has collection of books, journals and periodicals. Library caters to the needs of all the students, research scholars and teachers of the faculty.

Every year students of CLC participate in different moot courts competitions in different law schools and it also conducts national and international level moot courts in campus like K.K. Luthra International Moot Court.

CLC has been running a Legal Service Programme and the main objectives of this programme are: a) impart clinical legal education, b) provide social service opportunities, c) spread social relevant legal education.

Question: Lastly what would be your parting message for our readers and how would you rate your college?

Answer: sticks to fundamentals and there is no short cut in life. Law is a profession where you have to grow on daily basis and be updated with the changing environment.

4.5 star

*NOTE: This is a reader’s review. The opinion’s expressed are that of the person concerned and NOT of Law Times Journal.

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