Legal Maxims ( P )

Legal Maxims

( P )

Pacta privata juri publico non derogare possunt – Private contracts cannot derogate from public law.

Par delictum – Equal fault.

Pari passu – On an equal footing.

Partus sequitur ventrem – The offspring follows the mother.

Pater est quem nuptiae demonstrant – The father is he whom the marriage points out.

Peccata contra naturam sunt gravissima – Wrongs against nature are the most serious.

Pendente lite nihil innovetur – During litigation nothing should be changed.

Per curiam – In the opinion of the court.

Per minas – By means of menaces or threats.

Per quod – By reason of which.

Post mortem – After death.

Prima facie – On the face of it.

Prima impressionis – On first impression.

Pro hac vice – For this occasion.

Pro rata – In proportion.

Pro tanto – So far, to that extent.

Pro tempore – For the time being.

Publici juris – Of public right.

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