Student Interviews: Campus Law Centre, University Of Delhi

Name of the Student: Anonymous

In this interview, he talks to Lawtimes Journal  about:

  1. Selection of law as a career choice.
  2. Experience in Campus Law Centre, Faculty of Law, Delhi University

Question: How would you describe yourself to our readers?

Answer: Hello everyone, I am law student from Campus Law Centre, Delhi University and have completed B.Com(H) from Hindu College. I love reading and that help me improve myself, on a personal as well as on regular basis. My success mantra is hard-work, honesty and collective growth.

Question: Was law your first choice as a career? What encouraged you to take up this line of work?

Answer: I am from business family so as usual, I did not plan anything before and tried my luck in the family business after completing my graduation but later I realized that this is not my cup of tea. One of my father’s friends was a lawyer, who often visited our place. He inspired me a lot and I visited court with him, which strengthened my decision study law as I felt that law is important, independent and one of the important pillars of our democracy i.e. law is important in every aspect.

Question: Tell us about your experience till now in Campus Law Centre, Delhi University?

Answer: To be a part of one of the largest law colleges in the country, is a proud moment. It is a great feeling to be the part of an institution that has Arun Jaitley, Kapil Sibal, Meira Kumar, Kiran Bedi on its alumni list.

CLC is also known for the quality of teaching faculty. Prof. Upendra Baxi, Prof. B.B. Pandey, Prof. A.K. Koul are the fews names who have taught at CLC.

The Moot Court Society, the seminar, discussion society and the Legal Aid Society have continuously added to the over-all skill development of the students at CLC.

The Placement Assistance Council (PAC) is also another student body, which help the student placed with NGOs top law firms, independent litigators and corporate houses like Wipro, Ernest and Young, PWC etc.

Question: Lastly what would be your message for our readers and would you rate your college?

Answer: Failure is the pillar of success, so pursue your dream and don’t be afraid of failure. Law is an extremely versatile area and it’s good to study law whether one want to practice, teach, pursue other careers in corporate, environment etc.

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