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death, marriage or insolvency

Consequences of death, marriage or insolvency of parties

Generally when a civil suit is instituted, it goes as it meant to be with two opposite parties and it comes to an end...
Execution of decree

Execution of decree

Before understanding the concept of execution of decree, it is equally pertinent to know the reason as for the requirement of execution of decrees....

Receiver under The Code of Civil Procedure (CPC), 1908

We all are acquainted that there are certain orders which are given by the court before pronouncement of the judgement. These orders are called...


The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 contains some miscellaneous provisions which while providing remedies and protects the parties also provide certain powers to third...

What is a reference?

Article 228 of the Constitution of India provides for transfer of certain cases to the High Court. This brings the basic outlook of the...
Appellate Court

Powers and Duties of Appellate Court

What are the powers and duties of appellate court? An appellate court wherein an appeal of first instance lies having this prominent stature of entertaining...
Inherent Powers of the Court

Inherent Powers of the Court

What are the inherent powers of the court? We all must have pondered that since court while delivering justice reply upon the substantive and procedural...
Executing Court

Duties of Executing Court

What are the duties of Executing Court? We all are acquainted with the procedure as to be followed once a decree is passed by the...


What are interrogatories? It is well known that when a civil suit is instituted in a court of appropriate jurisdiction by the presentation of plaint,...
Interim Orders

Interim Orders

What are interim orders? Basically, the meaning of interim is something which is temporary or for the time being. While the term order has been...