A registered gift deed deemed void by SC

A registered gift deed deemed void by Supreme Court

The Supreme court remarked that every solemn act is vitiated by fraud while it was upholding a Trial Court judgment wherein it declared a registered gift deed void on the grounds of undue influence and fraud.

With regards to this case, through means of a registered gift deed, a certain Yadunandan Mistri, gifted 2.92 acres of land to the wife of his nephew, under the assumption that the nephew would take care of Yadunandan’s wife and himself when they crossed a considerably older age.

However, Yadunandan immediately went ahead and cancelled the gift through the cancellation deed. Soon after, he filed a suit that sought a declaration that the gift deed had been obtained by fraudulent means and by practising undue influence and thus should be declared void.

Finally, the Apex Court bench, having taken note of all the evidence on record, arrived at a conclusion that the gift deed was indeed brought about as a result of undue influence and fraud.

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