Law Times Journal is a project undertaken by Padpradarshi Foundation which is a non-profitable trust registered in the year 2014. It has taken several initiatives to promote free and quality education in society.

Law Times Journal (India): In 2014, Padpradarshi Foundation launched India’s 1st premium legal knowledge portal Law Times Journal ( which is now Multi-Award Winning and India’s leading law website with around 10 million of viewership yearly. Our targeted audiences include pre-law students, post-law students, lawyers, and students pursuing law. Our content is referred by the world’s leading media houses like BBC, The Guardian, The Wire, Live Law, Times Group, and many more and also by Jurist, Authors, Ex Justices, and other luminaries in their write-ups.

We provide News, Legal study material beneficial for laymen, Law Under-Graduate, Graduates, School Students, Judiciary aspirants, Academicians, Lawyers, Law Firms, Judges, Court Staff, etc.


This policy aims to balance the competing needs of the LTJ and potential advertisers; to provide a guide for consistent service and to make the conditions of advertising clear, now and into the future.


LTJ will

  • Require all advertisers to adhere to the published and agreed Conditions of Advertising;
  • Charge according to specified categories & the amounts listed in the Schedule of Charges;
  • Have all charges approved annually
  • Not discriminate on any grounds;
  • Retains the right to refuse an application for any reason at any time; and
  • Review this policy to maintain consistency every other year.


It is the responsibility of the Committee

  • to draw up Conditions of Advertising;
  • to draw up a Schedule of Advertising Charges;
  • to approve/decline all advertising requests, and provide reasons to the applicant for any declines;
  • to ensure as far as possible that advertisers adhere to all applicable stipulations; and
  • to nominate an Advertising Controller.

It is the responsibility of the Advertising Controller

  • to manage any potential advertising requests
  • to negotiate any advertising request, and special conditions on behalf of the Committee;
  • to manage the upload of advertising material;
  • advise Fat Controllers on a weekly basis of advertising requirements.


All applications for advertising must be in writing and must be forwarded to the Advertising Coordinator, a minimum of 4 weeks prior to the required time, and presented to the next Committee meeting for Committee Approval, whose decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. An Advertising Agreement must be put in place, even if no charge is made.

The person who signs the application shall be considered to be the Advertiser unless the application is signed on behalf of an organization, in which case that organization shall be the Advertiser and shall be jointly and severally liable under these conditions with the person who signs the form.

  • Ads must not contain content that infringes upon or violates the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy or other personal or proprietary rights. LTJ will not hold any responsibility for content of advertisement.