Allahabad HC ‘Recalled Advocate’s ‘Mischievous Behaviour’

Allahabad HC 'Recalled Advocate's 'Mischievous Behaviour'

Tonight, the Allahabad High Court will reflect on the case it presided over. Listed in front of the other bench, declaring that the “mischievous behaviour of the advocate”.

The matter, which has been delayed since 1995, was heard on September 6th, 2021. The advocate has been questioned by the court. The court dealt with excuses made out for delays in all matters.

The court was not directed in a proper way by the advocate in the earlier hearing. Therefore, the matter was presented to the other court by the Bench of Justice Dr. Kaushal Jayendra Thaker and Justice Subhash Chand.

Hence, the court was requested by the senior members of the bar and the President of the Bar Association on Monday to reconsider the order, which was not requested by the person who misbehaved.

As a result, the Court, recalling its September 6 Order, only allowed the postponement in F.A. No. 1028 of 1995 (and not in any other cases), and the case was dismissed on September 17, 2021.

Finally, in First Appeal Nos. 190, 267, and 1028 of 1995, on September 17, 2021, the delay in filing an appeal was excused.