Allahabad HC refuses to dispose of the dead bodies buried near the river Ganges

Allahabad HC refuses to dispose of the dead bodies buried near the river Ganges

The Hon’ble bench of Allahabad High Court, under Hon’ble justice Sanjay Yadav and Hon’ble Justice Prakash Padia, was hearing a plea filed by Advocate Pranvesh in which the Hon’ble court had been requested to order the state to cremate the bodies that would be buried in the different ghats of the Ganges in Prayagraj. The Hon’ble judges had questioned the counsel if he had been there to dig the bodies out and cremate them as he thought it to be a humanitarian responsibility. Hon’ble Justice Yadav further enquired of the counsel to know what he had done on a personal basis in this matter and what made him come to the Hon’ble court under Article 226 of the Indian Constitution.  

The learned counsel brought forth a notice under the International Human Rights Council in which it had been written that it is the responsibility of the state to ensure the lives and deaths of its citizens are duly dignified. On further questioning, the Hon’ble Judge asked if it was the state’s obligation if a death occurred in a family as he also wanted to know how the state can be said to be duty-bound to perform the last rights of any citizen. 

The Hon’ble court remarked that such kind of a petition requires a high amount of research work without which the council would have to be punished for wasting the valuable time of the Hon’ble court. the Hon’ble Justice demanded that the advocate shows some contribution on his part before he expects the court to act on his petition otherwise the Hon’ble court would have to impose a heavy charge on him for filing an impractical and misinformed petition.

As of now, the council has not been able to produce any such effort concretely on his part. Further hearings are expected to clear the doubts regarding the issue, enshrouding the minds of many interested in this petition.

Sneha Mukherjee
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