Appeal In SC Against Delhi HC’s Order Dismissing PIL Seeking Halt On Construction Works Of Central Vista Redevelopment Project

Central Vista Redevelopment Project

An appeal has been filed before the Hon’ble Apex Court challenging the Hon’ble Delhi High Court’s Order dismissing a petition seeking halt on the construction of Central vista Redevelopment Project and imposing 1lakh costs on the petitioners.

The petitioners have requested the Hon’ble Court to impose a stay on the Hon’ble Delhi High Court impugned Order as interim relief.

Earlier, the petitioners had filed a PIL before the Hon’ble Delhi High Court seeking suspension of construction activities related to the Central vista Redevelopment Project temporarily on account of the raging Covid-19 pandemic. However, the Hon’ble Court dismissed the petition and imposed costs of rupees 1lakh on the petitioners stating that it was not a genuine PIL. While dismissing the petition, the Hon’ble Court has stated that the said project is of national importance and cannot be suspended when workers are staying at the site adhering to Covid-19 safety norms.

The petitioners contended that imposing such huge costs will discourage responsible citizens to question the acts of the government and its accountability which are fundamental in a democracy.

Aggrieved by the Order, the petitioners have stated that the Hon’ble High Court has misinterpreted their genuine intention as a disguise to stop the construction activities of the project. They further contended that the Order was passed without any inquiry made into the allegations put forth by them regarding the violation of the DDMA guidelines in carrying the construction activities of the project.

Chandra Lekha
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