Aryan Khan narrated the events of his arrest in a drug case

Aryan Khan narrated the events of his arrest in a drug case

During the pre-trial detention hearing, Khan’s lawyer, attorney Satish Maneshinde while presenting his arguments laid the Kahn’s version of events as they unfolded the night of the raid and the arrest that followed on October 2. 

A Mumbai court on Thursday rejected the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) plea for an extension of Khan’s detention and sentenced him to 14 days in prison. 

At Thursday’s hearing of the case, Khan’s advocate Satish Maneshinde, as he presented his arguments, narrated Khan’s version of events as they unfolded the night of the raid and subsequent arrest on October 2. 

According to Maneshinde, Khan was introduced by his friend Prateek to someone who had contact with the organizers. Khan was thus invited as a VVIP guest. 

I have a friend, Prateek, who introduced me to someone related to the organizers. He said I would be invited to be VVIP. Just with the intention of adding glamor to the yacht, I went there. There were 1,300 people and they only arrested 17 people,” Maneshinde contended. 

The council also submitted the details of the chat between Pratek and Khan to justify the facts.  

Arbaaz Merchant, who was also invited to the party, is a friend of another defendant Prateek.

NCB officials confronted Khan as soon as he reached the international terminal in Mumbai Harbor, following the invitation.

“I reached the gate of the terminal where Arbaaz was also located. Before we could get to the ship, NCB asked us questions. When we left for the ship, they asked me if I was on drugs and searched my bags and my person. They couldn’t find anything,” said Maneshinde. 

Khan’s cell phone was seized and he was taken to the NCB office where he was questioned and then arrested. 

I have no connection with any of the organizers. I do not deny my friendship with Arbaaz, but I am not associated with his activities. He himself says that he came of his own accord,” it was argued. 

The NCB did not address these aspects in its rebuttal. He also did not comment on Khan’s recoveries.  

Additional Advocate General Anil Singh chose to focus on two aspects: 

Initially there is a need to confront Aryan Khan with some recently arrested people and also with people who may be arrested in future raids. 

Second, Aryan Khan’s knowledge of other people who may be involved in drug trafficking. 

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