Company Law

Articles – Company Law
SARFAESI Act 2002: Company Law
Role of Directors and Shareholders in the Corporate Governance
Roles and Responsibilities of Committees as Constituted under Companies Act,2013
Prospectus of a Company
Mergers and Competition Law
 Green Bonds in India
 Shareholder Activism in India
 Indian Depository Receipts
 Associate Company
 Indian Financial Derivative
 SEBI’S Position on Willful Defaulters
 Director’s Duty towards Creditors
 Bonus Debentures
 Class Action Suits
 Private Placement of Securities
 Officers in Default
 Ownership Concentration Of Indian Companies
 Refusal of Listing by a Stock Exchange – Judicial Trend
 Feasible Duties Of Director
 Security Over Immovable Property
 Crystallization Of Floating Charges
 Power of a Company to Reduce Its Share Capital
 Disqualification Of Auditors
 Inter-Corporate Loans And Investments
 Producer Companies- Treatment Under Indian Corporate Law
 Equity and Preference Shares
 Difference Between Assignment And Charge
 Directorial Disclosure Of Interest
 Redemption Of Debentures
 The Hierarchy of Preference Shareholders
 Beneficial Interest in Securities
 The Hierarchy of Preference Shareholders
 Transfer In The Company
 Free Transferability of Securities
 One Man Company
 Membership In a Company
 Creation And Registration Of Charges
 Debentures Trustees Under Company Act, 2013
 Debentures Under Companies Act 2013
 Borrowings Under The Companies Act, 2013
 Red Herring Prospectus And Related Judicial Stance
 Sweat Equity Shares
 Duomatic Principle In The Context Of Directors With Reference To Applicable Case Laws
 Resignation of Director
 Fiduciary Duties of Director


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