Delhi HC grants temporary stay of minor who was being forced to marry an older man, in Children’s home

Delhi HC grants temporary stay of minor who was being forced to marry an older man, in Childrens' home

The Delhi HC has ordered the police to make sure that a temporary stay is being provided to the minor girl who left her parents’ home after she was allegedly forced to marry an old man since her parents did not allow her to continue her studies, as an interim measure till 6th September.

Justice Mukta Gupta also ordered the girl and her parents to appear in court on September 6 after seeing the need to talk to the parents about how the matter could be resolved.

The court heard a petition which was filed by a minor girl through her next friend claiming she had left her parents’ home on June 17, 2021, as her parents were allegedly beating her, refusing to let her out of the house, refusing to let her study and intended to marry her to an older man.

During the hearing on Friday, the court contacted the girl through video conferencing in which she informed the court she did not want to stay with her parents.

“It would, therefore, be appropriate to speak to the petitioner’s parents to find out the problem involved and also with Mr Gaurav, who filed the current petition as the next friend of the petitioner,” the Court said.

“SHO, PS, Badarpur has been instructed to ensure that the petitioner is taken by the lady constable to the Children’s Home, Nirmal Chhaya and lodged there today only, until the next day of the hearing, as she is still a minor and that she should also be brought to the Court on the next hearing,” the court added.

The Court also ordered the SHO to inform the parents about the matter in writing and also asked the girl’s next friend to appear before the Court.

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