Delhi High Court granted bail to a man who impersonated as an NIA officer

Delhi High Court granted bail to a man who impersonated as an NIA officer

On Thursday, the Delhi High Court granted bail to a man posing as an agent for the National Investigative Agency (NIA) to cheat a woman of his money [Netik Rawat v State and Ors].  

Justice Anu Malhotra allowed the plaintiff to be released on bail on the condition that he bailed 50,000 with two sureties of the same amount.   

The defendant allegedly posed as an NIA officer and made the applicant pay Rs 10,000 on the pretext of helping her in a marital dispute.  

The plaintiff then demanded an additional 2 lakh from the woman. When she asked the plaintiff to return her money, he allegedly threatened to involve her in the wrong case. When the plaintiff inquired about him from the NIA office, it was found that there was no such person who worked with the NIA.   

Subsequently, an FIR was filed against the plaintiff and another person who created a false NIA ID for him, following which the duo was arrested, for which they went to the Delhi High Court for bail.   

The plaintiff requested release on bail on the grounds that he had been in custody since June of this year and that the co-defendant had already obtained release. In addition, he alleged that his wife had a physical disability and told the court that he had already refunded the amount of rupees 10,000 he took from the complainant.   

Against this background, the court granted his request for bail under the following conditions:

  •  You must not leave the country under any circumstances;   
  • Appears before the investigative court as stated;   
  • You must always leave your mobile phone switched on;   
  • Put a pin on the Google Map to provide your location  to the investigating officer.
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