Government Measures for Ensuring proper Lower Judiciary Infrastructure

Government Measures for Ensuring proper Lower Judiciary Infrastructure

With regards to a function organized by the National Legal Services Authority to help observe and celebrate “Legal Services Day”, Justice Kiren Rijiju and the Union Minister for Law recently said that it is known that almost four crore cases are pending in the lower courts of our country, and the Government is trying to take measures in order to help ensure a proper infrastructure for the lower judiciary.

Keeping in mind a large number of pending cases, Mr Rijiju had stated that while the Supreme Court and High Courts have certain standards at which they are needed to function, it is the Lower Judiciary within which the greatest push must be given in today’s time.

Mr Rijiju also emphasized the need to make simple laws,  written in simple language that makes enough sense for everyone to be able to understand. With that, he also clarified that the same didn’t mean that the Judges and lawyers would become unemployed. 

Mr Rijiju concluded his statements by saying that everyone including all the law students, Judges and Ministers nationwide, should come together to help ensure that all of the highly vulnerable sections of society are provided with legal aid and services.  

Oshin Joshi
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