Hybrid Hearing Permitted by SC for Money Laundering Case

Hybrid Hearing Permitted by SC for Money Laundering Case

The Supreme Court had finally agreed to witness the hearing of the multiple batches of petitions that were particularly concerned with what was thought to be the interpretation of the “Prevention of Money Laundering Act” by means of the hybrid mode on request made by one of the Senior Counsels.

A Bench that was majorly headed by Justice Khanwilkar had recently granted permission with regards to the matter to be taken into hearing in hybrid mode on a special request that was made by Advocate Kapil Sibal with respect to the large volumes of pleadings that were involved in the matter.

It was also stated by the SOP that in case a Bench believes that in a particular matter listed on days marked not miscellaneous, the number of Counsels is said to be more than the working capacity of the particular Court-room in question, taking into consideration the Covid-19 norms, the Registry will have to come up with a means to facilitate hearing of these matters through video or teleconferencing mode also referred to as Hybrid Mode.

The bigger issue was that of the batch of pleas with 200 others pending and being concerned with the interpretation of the particulars of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act which has been pending ever since 2014 before the Supreme Court.

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