Judges Safety is a suo matter case: SC

Judges Safety is a suo matter case: SC

The incident of the Dhanbad judge murder case which shook the judicial system has now again become a matter of concern after the Rohini Shootout case. The Rohini Shootout case which caused the death of 3 persons has caused the Chief Justice to think twice regarding the safety of judges. 

The Supreme Court showed concern towards the protection of judges and is likely to prioritize the suo moto cases keeping in mind the incident of death of Dhanbad judge Uttam Anand. 

After yesterday’s incident, CJI NV Raman had a word with Chief Justice of Delhi High Court, DN Patel showing concern and suggested that he maintain contact with police. He also ensured that the working of Bar doesn’t get affected by this incident.  

As per the sources, 3 people including gangster Jitender Gogi were killed when he was under trial in Courtroom 207. Two men were waiting in the guise of lawyers. Both of the assailants were killed then and there. 

With this incident, the Coordinating Committee of all District Bar Associations in Delhi Courts Association passed the resolution to restrain the working in the court on 25 September. The decision was taken to revise the security norms of the courtroom.

All members are requested to cooperate and abstain from work on September 25, 2021,” its resolution read.