Leftist lawyer contributed to the constitutional law in an exceptional manner, yet weren’t acknowledged: Justice Murlidhar

Leftist lawyer contributed to the constitutional law in an exceptional manner, yet weren’t acknowledged: Justice Murlidhar

Justice Muralidhar said that, every one’s ideologies ought to be welcome in the legal field and contributions of individuals who believe a specific ideology mustn’t be shunned simply as a result of one doesn’t take that ideology.”

“The benefications created by leftist lawyers to the event of Constitutional law haven’t been documented well enough”, Orissa High Court Chief Justice Dr. S Muralidhar aforementioned on Sunday, encouraging law researchers to have a look at and write about it.

“I seriously plead with law researchers, the contributions of leftist lawyers or lawyers who shared leftist ideologies, to the event of Constitutional law has not been written concerning enough,” he aforementioned.

During this regard, he additionally ascertained however individuals steeped in political ideologies have contributed vastly to law, quoting the example of Senior Advocates Arun Jaitley and Viswanath Pasayat.

“Late Arun Jaitley for instance was a student leader, part of ABVP, became a very successful lawyer and distinguished himself in political life.”

“What the life of Viswanath Pasayat tells us is that being steeped in politics brings something very rich to the development of law and Constitutional law,” said Justice Muralidhar.

“We should look forward to different ideologies coming to the field. We should not keep out any ideology because it is an ideology we do not agree with. We must allow these ideologies to co-exist and contribute richly to the development of Constitutional law,” he added.

The Hon’ble Chief Justice  was speaking at a performance organized on the 109th birthday of Viswanath Pasayat by the Viswanath Pasayat Memorial Committee.

Justice Muralidhar aforementioned that Pasayat was someone who was viewed by some as a veteran communist and by several different as a socialist.

“But what everybody seems to agree upon is that he took up the explanation for the poor. And if you look into the cases he argued, he argued an oversized variety of cases of preventive detention of political leaders,” he said.

This, Justice Muralidhar said, made him wonder about the intersection of politics and law and the way contributions of persons like Pasayat and different socialists or communist lawyers haven’t been acknowledged.

“I could press on with this list. Justice Pb Sawant belonged to Communist Party. Who will deny the large contribution that Justice Sawant created to the event of Constitutional law,” aforementioned Justice Muralidhar.

The event was additionally attended by Supreme Court judge Justice UU Lalit and retired Supreme Court judge, Justice Rohinton Nariman.