People Receiving First Dose Of Covid-19 Vaccine Can’t-Wait Indefinitely For Second Dose After Interval Period Is Over: Tripura HC

People Receiving First Dose Of Covid-19 Vaccine Can't-Wait Indefinitely For Second Dose After Interval Period Is Over: Tripura HC

People who have received their first dosage of the Covid-19 vaccine, including both Covishield and Covaxin, cannot be forced to wait forever for their second dose after the statutory time has passed, according to the Hon’ble Tripura High Court. As a result, it requested that the State Administration increase the number of vaccine doses.

Hon’ble Chief Justice Akil Kureshi and Hon’ble Justice S Talapatra of the Hon’ble division bench made the observation. According to the document, what concerns me is that people who have already had the first dose of the vaccine will be eligible for a second dose after 12 weeks or 4 weeks, depending on the vaccine (Covishield or Covaxin as the case may be). These folks, who have already gotten their first doze, will not be able to wait indefinitely for their second dose once the obligatory period has passed.”

Surely, a big number of persons (about 14 lakhs, according to the vaccine bulletin’s numbers) have received the first immunization but not the second. The state administration should consider increasing the number of vaccination doses available to cover this population within the specified time frame. The Hon’ble Court further directed the State Government to raise the aforementioned matter with the committee investigating vaccine allocation. The Hon’ble Court noted that neither of the claims made in two media stories published on June 25 quoting the State’s National Health Mission Director that about 80% of the population in all groups and 98 percent of those aged 45 had gotten their first doses were accurate. The importance of transparency and accuracy in the sharing of public information by the government is emphasized. 

When a senior officer, such as the Mission Director of the National Health Mission in Tripura, is described as having provided false information, we expect him to issue a public statement correcting the error.

At the very least, an official statement to the press stating that either he provided the information incorrectly or there was a misunderstanding. It was necessary to issue a portion of the press. We anticipate him to do so as soon as possible, the Hon’ble Court gave the order.

In addition, the Hon’ble Court noted that the reduction in the positive rate has plateaued and has been hovering at 5% for some time. As a result, it requested that the State Government develop Covid-19 safety requirements, as well as that the general public strictly adheres to them. The Hon’ble Court stated that these data strongly show that there is no space for complacency in dealing with the Covid crisis.

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