Plea in SC seeking directions to the centre on setting up of an international task force on Covid-19 deaths

Plea in SC seeking directions to the centre on setting up of an international task force on Covid-19 deaths

A plea has been filed in the Hon’ble Supreme Court seeking directions to the Centre for establishing an international task force consisting of National and International experts (including experts from China) – reporting to the Top Court to determine whether the Delta Variant could be a synthetic pathogen and the measures which should be taken to prevent a possible third wave has been filed in the supreme court.

The plea in the supreme court has been filed by Pankaj Phadnis- a Mumbai-based researcher and a trustee of Abhinav Bharat Congress has also sought directions that the international task force should also report to the Hon’ble Supreme Court as to where did the delta variant originate from.

“A recent report that was co-authored by the former Chief Economic Advisor of the Government of India confirmed the existence of a Warlike situation by suggesting that almost 3.9 million people were killed in India in the last three months, by the second wave of the pandemic. The monumental tragedy is not over yet.”

We are all forced to live under major restrictions awaiting a possible third wave. The origin of the delta variant of the Wuhan virus that led to the death of almost 3.9 million people in India in the past three months is still not known and is clearly a subject matter of international investigation. 

This variant that was first discovered in India is now the most dominant virus strain in the world that is bringing condemnation to India in the eyes of the world,” The plea states.

 The petition also seeks further direction from the Union of India to scientifically keep track of any further mutations of the virus that may occur in the future and not be negligent and unaware as it was when the delta variant emerged.The plea asserted that these measures will definitely go a long way (together with COVID appropriate behavior and vaccination) in preventing another catastrophe in the form of a third wave.

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