Pre-arrest bail sought in sexual assault case

Pre-arrest bail sought in sexual assault case

The Previous Chief Airport Officer (CAO, Giri Madhusudana Rao of the Trivandrum International Airport, has proceeded to the Kerala High Court looking for anticipatory bail in the case where he was allegedly accused of raping a particular lady who was supposed to be working under him.

A woman had come up with a rape allegation against Giri Madhusudana Rao, alleging that he had seduced her to come to his flat and engage in sexual intercourse without her consent on the 4th of January 2022.

In accordance with his statement, the complaint was the woman’s futile attempt to spoil and damage his reputation and also a defamatory step was taken by her because he refused to lend money to her. 

Under this assumption, she had apparently borrowed cash from the petitioner according to him, not just once but on several occasions. The petitioner’s case stated that upon seeing his flat, the complainant had grown greedy and requested him to loan 20 lakh rupees to her. However when he had refused to accept the same, she was highly distressed and in revenge, filed a false complaint of rape against him.

As a result of this, he has prayed that he should be considered for anticipatory bail in this matter. 

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