RBA: The Ground of transfer of Justice Sivagnanam for the pendency of a large number of Revenue case

RBA: The Ground of transfer of Justice Sivagnanam for the pendency of a large number of Revenue case

The RBA stated that the remark that the Judge’s transfer may leave a “vacuum” was not meant to be hurtful or to refer to the Madras High Court.

The Revenue Bar Association (RBA) of Chennai has clarified that its recent request to reconsider Justice TS Sivagnanam’s removal from the Madras High Court to Calcutta was made solely to address the enormous number of pending revenue appeals and was not intended to harm anyone.

The RBA has specifically alluded to its earlier statement that Justice Sivagnanam’s departure from the Madras High Court could result in a vacancy.

According to the RBA, the term “vacuum” was not used to harm anyone’s sentiments or to refer to the Madras High Court in any way. Bar & Bench was also notified that a corrigendum to this effect had been filed to Chief Justice of India NV Ramana.

In a letter written last week the RBA expressed concern that Justice Sivagnanam’s move to the Calcutta High Court might have an impact on the administration of justice, particularly in tax matters and specifically ordered cases.

“Justice TS Sivagnanam’s recommended transfer to the Calcutta High Court would have a negative impact on the citizens/taxpayers of Tamil Nadu at this time of need,” the letter continued.

 The senior judge, according to the letter, has led the Madras High Court’s Tax Bench and other Benches for numerous years, disposed of a number of cases, and gave landmark decisions on complex and significant legal issues. The judge has also disposed of nearly 70,000 cases and 65,000 miscellaneous applications, according to the report.

Several senior judges had left the Madras High Court in recent months due to retirement or elevation to the High Court. In recent months, M Sathyanarayanan, N Kirubakaran, and Justices R Subbiah, and another senior judge, Justice MM Sundresh, were promoted to the Supreme Court the RBA further noted that

As a result, the Association demanded that Justice Sivagnanam remains in the Madras High Court.

To achieve justice, the letter added, “I sincerely seek to be made Lordship for reconsidering the recommendation to transfer Hon’ble Justice TS Sivagnanam to the Hon’ble High Court of Calcutta and stop reserving as Lordship in Madras HC and stop reserving as Lordship in Madras HC.”

Similar letters were also sent to India’s President and Union Law Minister.

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