Rohingyas to be deported from West Bengal within a year: Plea filed in SC

Rohingyas to be deported from West Bengal within a year: Plea filed in SC

A plea has been filed before the Hon’ble Supreme Court to deport and arrest the illegally infiltrating Bangladeshi Rohingyas from West Bengal within a year. The petition also seeks to enforce the National Security Act against the police officers, security guards, and government personnel who are reported to have links with them. The directions have been sought to be made mandatory for the state and central government of West Bengal. 

The plea has been filed by Advocate Ashwini Kumar Dubey on behalf of social and human rights activist, Sangeeta Chakraborty. It states that the infiltration mafias have been helping the Rohingyas to illegally enter the state and confiscate their disproportionate assets. It has further been sought that the offences of forging documents like Aadhar, passports, ration, and identity cards should be punished with sentences running consequently and not concurrently. A provision should be amended in the Indian Penal Code, 1860 to make infiltration a recognizable, non-bailable, and non-compoundable offence.

The cause of filing the petition and the claims made in it have emerged ever since the results of the elections have been declared on 2nd May 2021. The Rohingya infiltrators have started beating, killing, kidnapping, looting, and raping the ones who had voted for BJP. This vandalization has been targeted mostly against the Hindus. To stop this violence and the spread of communalism, immediate action must be taken. Thus, the plea has been filed. The fact that almost two crore Rohingyas have infiltrated the state of West Bengal cannot be ignored. This has affected the demography of the state in a tumultuous way and has wreaked havoc in the lives of the citizens. The rule of law and the internal security of the state is under threat. Especially, after the results of the Assembly elections, the incidents of illegally crossing the border and causing communal violence have increased. 

It has been noted that some political parties and corrupt officials have also been assisting these infiltrators to build vote banks. Some of the citizens have also been supplying forged citizenship certificates to these people. The consequences will be more severe than they appear to be as many districts in Bengal have already turned into Muslim majority areas due to such infiltrations. Except for the district of Sibsagar, the Assamese people will not be able to feel at home in any other area shortly if this continues. There might soon be a demand from the fundamentalist and factionalist groups that the states of Assam and Bengal be merged with Bangladesh. It Is a known fact that Bangladesh has long discarded secularism and is predominantly known to be an Islamic state. The Hindus in that country had had to face massacres after the partition of Bengal in the year 1905. The same history is on its way to being repeated. If immediate action is not taken, the results of the Assembly elections might boil down to much greater and disastrous consequences which none of us desire. 

The Hon’ble Supreme Court is yet to issue any direction in response to the plea.

Sneha Mukherjee
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