SC Advocates-On-Record Welfare Trust’ Has No Relation With ‘SC Advocates-On- Record Association’: SCAORA Passes Resolution

SC Advocates-On-Record Welfare Trust' Has No Relation With 'SC Advocates-On- Record Association': SCAORA Passes Resolution

The Executive Committee of the Supreme Court Advocate on the record the Association had in the way to called upon the Supreme court Advocate on Record welfare trust just to desist from using SCAOR in the name along with the SCAORA’s Address in their operation and their activities.

The Association came with the Majority of 9:3 through its resolution and had asked the Trust only to carry out all the consequential corrections in all the records that are pertaining to the Trust.

Taking note of the trust deed of the Supreme Court Association on record welfare Trust, the association had informed the use of such name along with the address of SCAORA  by the trust had even led to the erroneous impression that the trust is being run as well as being managed by SCAORA.

In the presence of our President, Vice President and the Secretary of the SCAORA, they are supposed to be the ex officio trustees as per the trust deed in the trust that has been discussed during their tenure. It doesn’t amount to the trust that is being run by or managed by the EC of the SCAORA in the office.

Nirali Jain
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