SC denies petition on how to enhance sports and allocate funds

SC denies petition on how to enhance sports and allocate funds

Today the Supreme Court dismissed a public-interest lawsuit seeking instructions, plans, and regulations to improve the sports business through proper funding distribution and methodical control.

A bench of Justices UU Lalit, SR Bhat, and Bela M Trivedi heard the case. Justice UU Lalit, the bench’s sitting judge, openly expressed his disinclination to hear the plea, saying, “People should have a will to succeed. People like Mary Kom have triumphed in the face of adversity. The court can not intervene”

Advocate Vishal Tiwari, the petitioner, had requested that public accountability of funds granted to the sports industry be established, as well as increased promotional activities and proper sports broadcasting.

The PIL also sought to have hockey declared India’s national sport.” While there is a popular view that hockey is India’s national sport or game,” the petitioner noted, “it has yet to be officially recognised by the government.

“Why shouldn’t we have a national game if we can have a national animal?” the petitioner said before the bench. The bench, on the other hand, exhibited a reluctance to hear the petition. “Please accept my apologies. There will be nothing we can do. “You have the option of withdrawing your case, or we will dismiss it,” the petitioner was warned by Justice Lalit. The petitioner withdrew his petition.

Directions were also sought to promote the Olympic Athletics games at the school and college level, as well as the formation of a Special Committee to oversee the sports programme in schools and colleges.

The petition asked the Supreme Court to direct the government to develop the Olympic Athletics Games and sports by providing superior training, infrastructure, and financial support to our athletes.

According to Tiwari, for the country’s sports business to thrive, such inculcation of sports education with world-class facilities, infrastructure, and proper use of public funds must be given more priority.

Shivani Agrawal
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