Suit filed in Kerala HC to offer sufficient dosages of homoeopathic medicine

Suit filed in Kerala High Court to offer sufficient dosages of homoeopathic medicine

A suit has been filed in the Kerala High Court, requesting that the state government offer sufficient dosages of homoeopathic preventive medicines against covid to all consenting children.

Before the state’s school returns in November 2021.

Advocate MS Vineeth, a former Central Government lawyer in the Kerala High Court, filed the petition.

When it was stated that schools in Kerala would reopen in November, the petitioner wanted to make a request to the Kerala government to give alternative medical protection for school children by distributing Homeopathic prophylactic drugs against Covid as soon as possible.

Vineet approached the High Court through counsel VT Madhavanunni because the Kerala Government reportedly did not need his representation.

The petition emphasised the importance of giving preventive drugs to school children before they return to school next month, as the vaccines currently available have not yet been approved by the centre for individuals under the age of 18.

The petitioner referenced the Kerala High Court’s decision in an earlier case in which it was stated that the Kerala government had authorised the Homeo Department’s action plan for supplying Homeo Drugs as a prophylactic against Covid.

The Kerala government had also stated at the time that the Ministry of AYUSH’S advice was being followed and that free immunity booster tablets were being disturbed.

In addition, the petitioner referenced a Supreme Court decision holding that Homeopathic medical prescribe treatment to COVID 19 positive individuals as a prophylactic strategy with the caveat that such a prescription cannot be called a cure.

As a result, the petitioner asserted that widespread use of homoeopathy against Covid is unquestionably permissible.

The Kerala Government, according to the petitioner, is violating the right to health given by the Indian Constitution by neglecting to consider his preferred representation.

As a result, the petitioner requested that the state issue orders directing schools to administer prophylactic homoeopathic medicines to kids.