The Collegium proposes Soubhik Mitter and Sakya Sen for appointment

The Collegium proposes Soubhik Mitter and Sakya Sen for appointment

Two lawyers have been recommended for elevation to the Calcutta High Court by the Supreme Court Collegium.

Following a meeting on October 8, two statements were released to this effect, authorising the appointment of attorneys Soubhik Mitter and Sakya Sen as High Court justices.

Sakya Sen’s name has previously been proposed by the Collegium for appointment as a High Court judge.

Sen was originally nominated for a position as a High Court Judge in 2017, with the age requirement of 45 years relaxed.

Sen’s name was proposed by the High Court Collegium because of his aptitude and performance in the Court and the shortage of judges from the Bar, according to the decision passed on December 4, 2017.

As a result, the Supreme Court Collegium reduced the age requirement. In 2017, it passed a resolution that stated,

“In Shri Sakya Sen’s case, we approve his name for elevation under the age relaxation criterion.”

This suggestion, however, did not go through, with the Centre requesting that the Collegium reconsider, and the Collegium eventually remitting his name. Sen was recommended for a second time by the Supreme Court Collegium in 2019, following a referral by the High Court Collegium in December 2018.

Sakya Sen has been nominated for a judgeship three times now, according to the most recent declaration.

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