The Erection of Cell Phone Towers Is an ‘Absolute Need of The Hour,’ says Madras HC, Amid Covid-19-Induced Online Education/VC Meetings

The Erection of Cell Phone Towers Is an 'Absolute Need of The Hour,' says Madras HC, Amid Covid-19-Induced Online Education/VC Meetings

The Hon’ble Madras High Court recently observed that network connectivity has become the need of the hour during the Covid-19 pandemic as online classes are held for students and that the information and communication technology network should be increased to match the growing demand.

People have not been able to leave their houses freely to perform their daily business for the past 16 months, according to Hon’ble Justice G Chandrasekharan. People have used video conferencing services and phone calls to have business meetings via the internet. To perform all of this, mobile network connectivity is critical, and this necessitates a large number of mobile towers throughout the country.

“The situation is that the students are being taught only through online education. Business transactions and official meetings are being held through video conferencing. The conduct of Hon’ble Court proceedings is being done through video conferencing. Therefore, the information and communication technology network must be expanded for meeting the growing need.” the Hon’ble judge stated.

The statement was made by the Hon’ble Madras High Court while looking at the petitions submitted by ATC Telecom Infrastructure Private Limited, a private telecom company situated in Chennai, South India. To establish new mobile phone towers in various locations of southern India, the business sought police protection. The firm had gone to the Hon’ble High Court after the District Collector refused to grant its application to install transmission cell phone towers.

The Petitioner contended that the delay in deciding the application puts it in a difficult position, as it faces opposition from the neighborhood. As a result, it will be difficult to proceed with the construction of cell phone towers, which is urgently needed.

Taking these factors into consideration, the Hon’ble court ordered the authorities to issue necessary orders in response to the company’s applications. The petitioner corporation is free to make adequate representations to the police for protection, if necessary, based on the outcome of the applications. Following receipt of such a representation, the Hon’ble Court ordered the police authorities to provide sufficient police protection, if necessary, at the petitioner’s cost.

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