The Peace in North-Eastern states and J&K , Efforts of Amit Shah

The Peace in North-Eastern stated and J&K , Efforts of Amit Shah

Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission, Justice Arun Mishra said that due inexhaustible efforts of Amit Shah, Union Home Minister Jammu and Kashmir and northeastern countries are witnessing peace in their state. While addressing on the 28th foundation day of NHRC Justice Arun Mishra said that the credit for making a strong democracy has come possible due to the leadership of the country. 

He added, “I heartily welcome Home Minister Amit Shah. Due to your tireless efforts, Jammu & Kashmir and North-East have seen a new era of peace and law and order.”

 He mentioned about the dislocation due to political violence has not ended both in India as well in abroad. 

“In the 20th century, about 12 crore people died due to political violence across the world. We cannot glorify killers of innocent humans. Such terrorist cannot be called freedom fighters. Human rights defenders should condemn political violence,” he added. 

Justice Mishra also made the comparison between India and other country and said the religious freedom which is available to Indian citizens aren’t given in numerous countries. 

 He said, “Everyone has the freedom to construct temples, churches and mosques. Such freedom is not available in many other countries.”

 He also talked about the tendency of police to lodge a false case in the name of justice. 

 He said, “In the quest of instant justice, there is a tendency of police to foist false cases. This has to stop.”

Mishra added the significance of perfecting the quality of police so that there are no further conditions of disquisition by the Central Bureau of disquisition (CBI). 

 The need for the protection of terrain was also being stressed by Justice Arun Mishra. 

 He added, “We have to think globally and act locally to save the environment. We are the custodians of Planet Earth, so it’s our duty to save our motherland.”

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