Why cricket is the perfect sport for law firms to get involved with

When it comes to the legal profession, there are some sectors that are more profitable than others. It has often been thought that those who focus on criminal law do so for the love of the job and not because of how lucrative it is. Criminal law is perhaps one of the lowest paying areas of law that there is. That is why law firms expand beyond this and venture into sports.

If you were to look at major sports where law firms could stand to benefit, and equally assist their clients, you may think that the likes of football and Formula 1 are where the money can be found. You may be surprised at the opportunities that cricket is now presenting and why this is an area that law firms should be exploring.

An explosion in popularity

There was once a time when the crowds attracted by cricket was fairly limited. The sport had always had a loyal following, but trying to get children interested in a game that went on for days wasn’t easy given the instant gratification culture that we now live in. Kids wanted to know the outcome of a match and they weren’t prepared to wait forever and a day to find out who had won.

Cricket found a way around this. With T20 and European series t10 cricket, the game suddenly became more attractive. Games were over in an hour or two rather than days and suddenly it became not only a great sport to watch, but also a great sport to bet on. As the popularity of the sport began to grow it attracted more and more attention and more and more money.

The new breed of sporting celebs

When asked about famous sportsmen and women, the chances are that the first go-to sports are the likes of football and even rugby. Let’s be honest, we can all name a famous footballer or two. The chances are that we can all probably name one who has let themselves get a little carried away with their celebrity and needed a great law firm to come to their rescue too. 

The new interest in cricket, in no small part, thanks to the T10 concept, has meant that there are now cricketers experiencing similar levels of fame to those in football. These players are new to such exposure and a clued-up law firm can position itself to come to their assistance when the time comes.

A cricketing scandal

With accusations of racism being rife in the English game, there is always the chance that this will spill over and engulf cricketing teams further afield. With investigations taking place, law firms need to guide clubs and ensure that they are following the law of the land.

As cricket becomes more and more prominent there will be more attention paid to each word that a player utters. This is where law firms come in: they can give the very best in advice and also control a potentially damaging situation.