“Without Lord Ram, India’s culture is incomplete:” Allahabad HC has asked Parliament to pass legislation honouring Lord Ram and Lord Krishna

A single presiding judge These words were given by Justice Shekhar Yadav when granted bail to Surya Prakash, who was accused of making obscene remarks about Lord Ram and Lord Krishna on Facebook.

Lord Ram, Lord Krishna, Ramayana, Gita, and their authors Maharishi Valmiki and Maharishi Ved Vyas, according to the Allahabad High Court, are part of the country’s heritage and should be honoured by passing a statute in the Indian Parliament (Akash Jatav alias Surya Prakash v. the State of UP).

These views were given by a single judge Justice Shekhar Kumar Yadav while granted bail to one Akash Jatav alias Surya Prakash, who was accused of uttering obscene remarks against Lord Rama and Krishna on Facebook.

“The filthy words made by the accused/applicant about the great leaders of India, Lord Shri Ram and Shri Krishna, is an affront to the faith of the majority of the people of this country, it shatters the peace and harmony in society, and innocent people bear the brunt of it,” the Court stated.

It was also stated that if the court is lenient with such persons, it will raise their spirit, and their actions will disrupt the country’s peace.

While granting Prakash bail, the Court cited the Supreme Court’s decision in the Ram Janmabhoomi controversy, stating that it was in favour of people who believe in the country’s “Ram.”

The Supreme Court stated that the Indian Constitution is a liberal text that guarantees every citizen the right to believe or not believe in God.

While an atheist has the right to believe or not believe in God, he or she cannot produce obscene photos of God and distribute them publicly.

“Lord Ram and Lord Krishna are wonderful men who have been worshipped by the majority of the country for thousands of years. There have been other instances in the recent past in which immoral statements about great men were condemned by all citizens, whether Hindus, Muslims, Christians, or Sikhs “the Court remarked

Along with establishing a law to celebrate Lord Krishna and Rama, Justice Shekhar Yadav underlined the “need to educate children by making it a compulsory subject in all the schools of the country since only through education a person gets cultured and conscious of his life values and culture.”

The Court also had reservations about the current educational curriculum, claiming that historians had harmed Indian culture as a result of their sycophancy and selfishness.

Aparna Mallik
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