Women’s participation in NDA Exam cannot be postponed: SC

Women's participation in NDA Exam cannot be postponed: SC

The Supreme court remarked that they would not vacate the order passed by in order to allow the women candidates to appear for the National Defence Academy examinations (NDA).

The Court declined a prayer made that was made by the Ministry of Defence in order to exempt the NDA from the introduction of women applicants for the present defence entrance. The Ministry also proclaimed that certain infrastructural and curriculum changes are necessary to allow the induction of women to the exam and thus requested a preparation time until May 2022 to allow the women to participate in NDA entrance exams.

A bench which was led by Justice Kishan Kaul was of the observation that allowing women to participate in the exams cannot be postponed further. Thus, allowing women to start taking the exam only from 2022 means that their admissions to NDA will only be able to take place in 2023. 

In accordance with the plea that was filed by Kush Kalra, many willing female candidates that also eligible are unnecessarily being denied the opportunity to enter into the prestigious National Defence academy solely on the basis of their sex, thus in a way categorically excluding skilled female candidates, the opportunity to allow to train at the joint training institute of the Indian Armed Forces which in a way implies a big hurdle in the career advancement opportunities for Female Officers who wish to be in the Armed Forces.

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