My prologue can be done in principally in two ways, either by saying that have accomplished 2.50 years of my law college or can be said that I am yet to accomplish 2.50 years of my law college. I am a student of an NLU, sitting on my chair with my legs up on the table thinking of what I can share. I still bear in mind the day when I took admission to this college and still memorize the moment when out of excitement went to Hazratganj Universal law house and purchased books as if I m going to some war where my books are going to be my weapons ( needless to mention that those books are still new). My experience to a Law College is almost the same as one use to have in any college. Law College is a new universe in a way and the one surviving in this universe with all the courage is not a hero at all. (That’s really not a wild goose chase). So, I would like to focus the qualities which we carry in ourselves as a law student.


The moment we take up any law book in our hand, we get to learn the intention of that legislation that will definitely be in connection with some or the other menace of society. So, as a law student we carry a better prospective of a society at a large. After 2.50 years of this law college one feels like changing this whole world (we better understand that only commenting and posting grievance on social networking sites are not going to help anymore. 😛😜🙂


Being mentally strong is one of the qualities of a law student. We face ample of admonition and despite of such admonitions we move ahead with the same courage. Extracurricular activities like Mooting helps us in building the confidence that we ought to have while moving towards the reality of life. A law student can be well expounded as STRESSED, DEPRESSED BUT WELL DRESSED.


Yes, we are better arbitrator and adjudicate like a true man. The one Plato mentioned about i.e. a man who is fair and unbiased towards any cause. We are too straight forward to be liked by society. People don’t like our presence because of the very nature of ascertaining exactly what we feel.

4. Another name of courage and confidence

We actually forgot the very nature of being courageous that a person of ordinary diligence and prudence can’t be. There can be many instances where we lack any of the knowledge about the circumstance but we are courageous enough to stand up and fight (even without knowing the cause we can have course of actions 😝🙂)


Ignoring the fact that in today’s era we are called as the usurper of money, we are still at the better pedestrian as we contribute to the betterment of society. We are always connected with the social grievance. So, it can be very well derived that a law man with the spirit of changing the evils of the land can be a danger to the prevailing menace in the society and simultaneously if an evil mind with a law background indulges, he can create a hell as well. WE CAN BE A BETTER FACE OF SOCIETY.


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