28 UP Advocates Suspended Over Alleged Malpractices

28 UP Advocates Suspended Over Alleged Malpractices

The Bar Council of India had very recently through a press release notified everyone of its decision which involved suspending 28 Advocates belonging to Uttar Pradesh who were allegedly involved in malpractices of Filing Certain Fake Claim Cases.

The Bar Council came up with an action that has to do with the Supreme Court’s recent order which directed the State of UP to send the names of the advocates against whom the prima facie cases of certain cognizable offences were filed with regards to the fake claim petitions as under the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal & The Workmen Compensation Act, in order for the BCI to take action.

It was also stated that the pursuant to such submission also had to do with the Court directing the SIT to send the list of Advocates who were involved in filing the fake claims against the people who the FIRs were filed to BCI within a period of 3 days from when it was filed.

The press release had also clearly stated that the General Council of the Bar Council of India in its meeting dated 19th November therefore duly considered the Court’s order dated along with two lists:

The details of the Advocates against whom FIRs have been registered. The various details of the Advocates against whom the FIR has been filed in the concerned Courts after the investigation is also to be decided.