Delhi HC Orders for Social media platforms to be more stringent in cases of Child Pornography Content

In a series of events that started from the petitioner, a young lady’s private photos being misused by her then partner (the...

UP Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act is being misused against Innocent Persons

On 19th October, 2020 (Monday), the Allahabad High Court concerning the fact of misusing the provisions of Uttar Pradesh Prevention of Cow...

SC directions refer to expediting all cases involving MLAs/MPs – MJ Akbar vs. Priya Ramani

The Delhi session court has noted that the Supreme Court’s directions in Ashwani Kumar Upadhyay v. UOI and Anr. referring to expediting...

Drug use destroys youth of country: Punjab & Haryana HC

The Punjab & Haryana Court was hearing the anticipatory bail of a Parmila, resident of Rewari who is a co-accused in a...


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Privacy in internet era

Banking structure in India

Gun Laws in India

Case Summary

State of Bombay & ors. vs. The Hospital Mazdoor Sabha

In the Supreme Court of India AIR 1960 SC 610 Petitioner State Of Bombay and Ors. Respondent The Hospital Mazdoor Sabha Date of Judgement 29th January, 1960 Bench P.B. Gajendragadkar, J;...

Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board, etc. vs. R. Rajappa & ors.

In the Supreme Court of India 1978 AIR 548, 1978 SCR (3) 207 Petitioner Bangalore Water Supply & Sewerage Board, etc. Respondent R. Rajappa & ors. Date of...

State Of Karnataka vs. M/S Durga Projects Inc

In the Supreme Court of India CIVIL APPEAL NO 811 OF 2018 Petitioner State Of Karnataka Respondent M/S Durga Projects Inc. Date of Judgement March 6, 2018 Bench Justice D.Y. Chanrachud;...

Fertilizer Corporation Kamgar Union (Regd.), Sindri & Ors. vs. Union of India & Ors.

In the Supreme Court of India 1981 AIR 344, 1981 SCR (2) 52 Petitioner Fertilizer Corporation Kamgar Union (Regd.), Sindri and Ors. Respondent Union of India &...

Legal Maxim

Utile per inutile non vitiatur

Literal Meaning What is useful is not vitiated by the useless. Explanation This maxim is well settled as a general rule of pleading, in criminal as...


Literal Meaning We command or the order. Explanation The term mandamus means "the order". There is a writ of mandamus mentioned under constitution of India....

Ubi jus ibi remedium est

Literal Meaning  Where there is a right there is a remedy. Explanation This maxim means that there is no wrong without a remedy. Whenever the common...

Boni judicis est ampliare jurisdictionem

Literal Meaning It is the part of a good judge to enlarge his jurisdiction, i.e. remedial authority. Explanation This maxim states that it is the...

Voice of Women

Crime against women in India i

Crime against women in society

Crime against women in India is one of the oldest customs which is still running and it has now become a bane...
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International conventions on women

women in the Indian Army

Women are equal in army too

Empowering women through Property Rights

Empowering women through Property Rights


Why are there less female entrepreneurs?

What is the importance of International Women’s day?

What is the importance of International Women’s day?

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao

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