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Matrimonial Dispute

Matrimonial Disputes in India and England

INTRODUCTION Conflict of laws in the matrimonial field has been a phenomenon in India since time immemorial, dating back to conflicts between the laws of...
child custody

Child Custody

Introduction Post-divorce or marriage annulment proceedings, the most vital and sensitive issues that arise are those that relate to child custody. Child custody is a...
family disputes

Conciliation and Mediation: An Effective Family Dispute Resolution

Family plays a crucial role in any community or society. A family is an association as well as an institution. Not only economic needs...
Partition under Hindu Joint Family Properties

Partition under Hindu Joint Family Properties

It is not necessary under Hindu law that the partition should be executed by a registered instrument only. Even a family compromise between the...
Triple Talaq

Triple Talaq & Muslim Women in India

The Supreme Court of India on August 22, 2017 declared the instant triple talaq and divorce as unconstitutional and arbitrary in landmark judgment. The...