Honey Singh demanded to appear in court for domestic violence case: Delhi HC

Honey Singh demanded to appear in court for domestic violence case: Delhi HC

On September 3rd, the Delhi High court ordered Honey Singh, a Bollywood singer, to appear in connection with a domestic abuse allegation filed against him by his wife, Shalini Talwar.

The applicant’s wife filed a complaint with the court under Section 12 of the 2005 Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, saying that Singh and his family members were obnoxious and violent toward her and that Singh has a history of criminal intimidation, harm, and brutal violence against people who refuse to comply with his demands.

After he failed to appear today, he alleged health reasons. Singh’s medical report and income tax return records were also sought by the court.

The court stated that “No one is above the law” and ordered Singh to come before it on the next hearing date.

Singh’s lawyer assured the court that Singh would appear at the next hearing. Singh’s lawyer also stated, “We will provide medical data and income tax returns as soon as possible.”

Previously, the court had issued interim orders prohibiting him from selling his jointly held property, which he shared with his wife.

The petitioner claims that Singh and his family have been harsh to her and have tortured her severely and that she is entitled to compensation from them.

As a result, the petitioner requested that Singh pay her monthly rent of Rs. 5 lacs. She also wanted the respondents to keep the marriage home and her husband from being sold or disposed of. Singh and his family have also been asked to pay an interim compensation of Rs.10 crores.

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