It Was A Vexatious Suit Against 5g Roll Out: Delhi High Court

It Was A Vexatious Suit Against 5g Roll Out: Delhi High Court

The Hon’ble single-judge bench of the Hon’ble Delhi high consisting of Hon’ble Justice GR Midha while hearing the suit against the 5G ROLLS OUT said that it appears that the suit was a publicity stunt for the actor Juhi Chawala. The Hon’ble court criticizing the suit further said that her allegation against 5G Roll out is “defective and not maintainable”. The Hon’ble court to exemplify such a suit also charged 20 lakh from the actress as the fine.

Further, the Hon’ble court also issued a contempt notice against the person who was available in the virtual meeting and also sang the song of the Juhi Chawala’s film while the hearing was going on.

The Hon’ble court also rejected the prayer that was made by the actress ‘counsel on behalf of her concerning the cost levied on her as a fine. 

The present case filed by the actress to restraint the union government from taking any further step in rolling out the 5G telecommunication services.  

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