Law students have petitioned the SC saying Men’s rights are just as important as women’s rights

Law students have petitioned the SC saying Men's rights are just as important as women's rights

Two law students have filed a petition in the Hon’ble Supreme Court for reconsideration and change of clauses of the IPC (Indian Penal Code) relating to sexual assault and to achieve gender equality.

The petitioners make statements in their plea that-

  • The country has been contaminated by fake feminism. Girls imitate feminism by hitting unsuspecting guys in order to get public attention.
  • Women purposefully assault guys, destroying the dignity and respect of young boys who are stuck with fake feminism.
  • Women have been handed a sharp-edged weapon like power by the law, with no acceptable restrictions.

The petitioner has contended that a ‘pattern of misuse’ of sexual offense legislation by women is on the rise, citing a recent case from Lucknow in which a girl was spotted striking a cab driver.

According to the two petitioners, Anam Kamil and Shrikant Prasad, these rules were enacted 150 years ago when they were essential for women’s empowerment, but they are no longer necessary because women are already empowered and developed.

The petitioners have requested that the legislation for offenses against women under the IPC, including sexual assault, be reconsidered, claiming that “Men’s Lives Matter.” They claim that such provisions are discriminatory on the basis of gender and that they violate men’s fundamental right to equality and a violation of Articles 14 and 15(1) of the Constitution.

Shivani Agrawal
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